Babywearing is not just for babies! Here’s how you can wear your tot safely, too.

High-energy toddlers are always on the move as they want to play all day long. However, since they still need their downtime, carrying them might offer some respite from all the stimulation, and perhaps, they’ll even take a little nap.

But it isn’t easy to bear a toddler’s weight. Worse, you can even hurt your back if you do it incorrectly for a prolonged period. Thankfully, you can ease your job by putting them in soft structured carriers made specifically for toddlers!

In part one of our three-part Babywearing video series, we have tips on how to carry a toddler in a soft structured carrier. Most toddler carriers are suitable for children between 11kg and 22kg.



1. Clip the carrier’s waist belt around your waist. Pass the “male”/hook end of the buckle through the elastic safety loop before clipping the ends to fasten. Centre the carrier on your body before you lift your tot into it.

2. Hold your child (facing you) against your chest, with her legs wrapped around your waist. Make sure she’s centred in the carrier.

3. Pull the body panel of the carrier up along your child’s back.

4. While supporting her with one hand, pull one of the shoulder straps onto your shoulder. Do the same for the other shoulder.

5. Reach for the back straps and clip the buckle to secure. Adjust the shoulder and back straps for a snug fit.

6. Check that your baby’s knees are higher than her bottom, and that her head is close enough to kiss. If she has a good “seat”, her bum should sunk fully into the carrier.

7. Both you and your tot should be comfortable ― her weight should be supported by your hips and not your shoulders.

Special thanks to Babywearing Hub Singapore.

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