Turn your humble abode into a smart home with these state-of-the-art home appliances.

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While we’re still aren’t zooming around in flying cars today, our gadget-crazy society’s desire to make everything Internet-linked has spawned quite a number of cool gizmos.


Since many are designed with the harried parent in mind, they promise to bring you convenience and ease of operation.


Simple to assemble, scroll through the photo gallery to find out which smart home gadgets will help to lighten your chores. Now, if only one of them can prepare dinner as well…


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Philips SmartPro Compact Robot vacuum cleaner

PRICE $799
FROM Major department stores, including Courts.
WHAT Just when you thought nobody could keep your house as spick and span as your helper does, this robot vacuum cleaner proves you wrong. Don’t be fooled by its slick 6cm slim design. This bad boy on four wheels has an extra-large TriActive XL nozzle and three suction inlets that work hard (and smart) to suck dust from every angle. Before you can even say, “You’ve missed a spot,” its flexible strips expertly collect stray dust that’s been left behind. Six infrared sensors ensure the machine changes direction when it bumps into any obstacle. It can operate non-stop for up to 130 minutes and comes with a remote control, plus docking cum charging station. An added bonus: You can programme your next cleaning session 24 hours in advance!
PARENTS SAY “I like that it can get to hard-to-reach places such as under the crib, which saves me the hassle of moving it when I need to sweep under. But because it’s round, it can never get to those tiny nooks and crannies,” says Kristian Saunders, 39, dad to Liam, 3.
Photo: Philips

Nest Cam

PRICE US$168.75/$235
FROM Amazon
WHAT This security camera comes to the rescue if you want to make sure your little ones are being well cared for at home while you’re at work! It offers a 130 deg wide-angle view and a 1080p high-definition stream you can watch on your phone. Simply plug in Nest Cam and download the Nest app to get started, it’s that easy. All recordings are saved in a cloud if you want to check the feed at the end of the day. Plus, the camera is sensitive enough to pick up unfamiliar sounds and motion and will send you an alert. The best part? You can use the speakers to talk to whoever is at home… “Step away from the cookie jar little man, I’m serious!”
PARENTS SAY “We use it during the day as a nanny cam and in the evenings as a baby monitor and the picture quality is top-notch with light and in the dark. The website and app are also well-designed and easy to navigate,” notes Tracy Tan, a mother of three.
Photo: Amazon

Smarter Coffee

PRICE £179.99/$324
FROM Firebox
WHAT You can literally wake up and smell the coffee with this genius gizmo. All you have to do is fill it with coffee beans and water and this machine takes care of the rest. It connects to your Wi-Fi, so you can schedule your coffee to be done whenever you want ― when you wake up or just in time for the guests’ arrival. You will also get a notification when the coffee beans and water are running low, so you’ll never have to handle a coffee-free morning ever again.
PARENTS SAY “The beans are ground freshly and it can adjust the strength of the coffee to suit my personal preference for that day,” enthuses Dylan DeCruz, dad to Sophia, 5.
Photo: www.stuff.tv

Samsung WW12K8412OW AddWash Washing Machine

PRICE $1,999
FROM Best Denki
WHAT Forgot to throw that dirty sock into the washing machine, but the cycle has already started? No need to beat yourself up about it anymore because Samsung’s AddWash front-loading washing machine lets you add more articles of clothing via an access door ― even in mid-cycle. This cool gadget also has a smart control, so you can monitor the progress of the wash remotely. Plus, you’ll also get alerts as to how much time is left and when the sequence is about to finish, which is really handy if you want to add several delicate items towards the end.
PARENTS SAY “I like that I can choose to start or pause my washing cycle with a click of a button from anywhere, even when I’m out,” says Rajesh Raja, mum to two boys.  
Photo: Samsung

WeMo Switch Smart Plug

PRICE $108.30
FROM Qoo10
WHAT If you’ve ever left the house wondering if you forgot to turn off the fan, then this smart plug is for you. Simply plug it ― it works seamlessly on any 120V wall outlet ― and connect your electrical appliance to it. Use the free app to connect your home appliance to the switch and you’ll always be in control of switching it on and off. You can even set a schedule, so it will turn off junior’s night light after several hours or make sure the lights turn on just as you walk through the door in the evening.
PARENTS SAY “I installed it in minutes ― it’s that easy to use. I can also use it to turn off the TV without the remote, which is great for those days when the house is a complete mess. Or when the kiddo hides the remote on purpose!” notes dad-of-one David Toh.
Photo: Belkin 

Amazon Echo

PRICE US$179.99
FROM Amazon
WHAT Finally, one thing in the house that will do exactly as you say! This hands-free speaker is a sweet technological marvel that carries out a range of tasks: It plays music, provides up-to-date news, finds you the nearest seafood restaurant, and adds things to your to-do list. And that’s just us naming a few. With seven microphones and beam forming technology, it can even hear you from across the room ― while playing music. By the way, it boasts a 360 deg immersive sound experience. So gather the brood because it’s time for a family dance off!
PARENTS SAY “We use the shopping list feature a lot and my husband adds things to the list while I’m at the store and I get the updates instantly on my phone. It’s fantastic!” says Claire Chung, mum to 3-year-old twins.
Photo: Amazon