Now that you’re growing a human being, get set to conquer the world with your newfound abilities!



It’s every woman’s dream to experience a perfect pregnancy that’s free of worry and discomfort. If you’re newly pregnant, get set to expect nine months of non-stop changes — from your brain functions and appearance, right down to your mood.

But before you launch into full panic mode, do remember that every woman’s pregnancy journey will be different. Thankfully, the majority of these changes will be for the better. Here are some of new “abilities” you can expect to acquire…

1) Sharper sense of smell

Your sense of smell is heightened during pregnancy , which means that you’ll be able to sniff out even the faintest odours, even if you’re standing a few metres from the source. The downside? Your favourite perfume may make you feel sick and you might want to hold your breath when you walk past the wet market. What’s worse is that, your overactive nose may worsen your morning sickness.

2) Insatiable appetite

As you close in on your second trimester, you’ll start to feel your morning sickness fade and cravings ramp up. It’s right around this time that you also start to also feel ravenous. After all, your body needs every calorie it can get to feed your ever-growing baby. As long as you stick to consuming nutritious foods in sensible portions, you won’t need to worry about obesity-related pregnancy risks.

As long as you stick to consuming nutritious foods in sensible portions, you won’t need to worry about obesity-related pregnancy risks.

3) Super-charged taste buds

Thanks to increased levels of oestrogen and progesterone in your body, you have an elevated sense of taste. However, this special ability may be a double-edged sword, especially if it causes dysgeusia. So, you’ll experience a metallic aftertaste in your mouth or certain flavours like bitterness becomes more apparent.

4) Glowing good looks

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you — your skin will look positively radiant, your tresses are thicker and glossier, along with stronger and shinier nails. These changes are the result of surging levels of oestrogen in your body during your second trimester. The increased levels of progesterone will also cause your boobs to be a lot fuller than before. They may even feel sore and tender, too. Be prepared to change your bra several times during pregnancy as your breasts may go up as much as a cup or two! Also, your boobs will continue to grow even after you have given birth (yay!), thanks to your body producing breastmilk.

5) Increased sex drive

Many women will experience a surge in their libido late in the first trimester and well into the second. You’ll also experience increased vaginal lubrication and your lady bits will be more sensitive because of the improved blood circulation “down there”. Best of all, you can throw caution to the winds — no need for birth control — at least for these nine months!

6) Screaming at high pitch

Labour pains is the one phrase that’ll send chills down the spine of many mums-to-be, which is why many women turn to pain-relief options to cope with labour. C-sections are another option if you prefer to avoid ending up with a nasty sore throat from letting out blood-curdling screams during delivery.

Best of all, you can throw caution to the winds — no need for birth control — at least for the next nine months!

7) Feeling really good

As your body produces calming and pain-relieving hormones called endorphins when you’re near the end of your pregnancy, the world will seem like a much better place. Enhancing those feel-good moments ― loved ones and total strangers suddenly become more helpful and solicitous. Not only will commuters give up their seats on public transport for you, even the hubs is taking the initiative to do house chores.

8) Never-say-die endurance

You’ll be surprised by the amount of pain you’ll be able to take as an expectant mum. Morning sickness, heartburn, pregnancy pain, swelling and contractions can rob you of a pleasant pregnancy experience. But your inner-warrior isn’t giving in — you’ll be fighting all that discomfort hour by hour, day by day and month by month. Of course, your resolve to endure everything is strengthened when you catch glimpses of your mini-me during those scheduled sonograms.

9) Mercurial temperament

You weep even over heart-wrenching scenes in blockbuster movies like Armageddon and Titanic. Your body’s production of serotonin — a hormone that regulates your mood — increases during pregnancy, which causes your emotions to behave in an erratic manner. Keep your mood swings in check with relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga.

10) Telepathic ability

From weeks 16 to 25 of your pregnancy, you’ll start to experience nervous twitches, butterflies or a tumbling motion around your abdomen. At first, you’ll be hard put to tell the difference between feeling gassy, hungry and other bodily functions. But by your second or third trimester, bubba’s kicks will become more distinct. Some women are even able to see their little one’s kicks, jabs and elbows!

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