Get a load of more useful tips that should ease your rough ride to motherhood.

It’s confirmed ― you are pregnant! For most first-time mums-to-be, getting ready for this journey to parenthood can be both exciting as well as nerve-wracking.

For instance, when much of what you eat ends up in the toilet bowl in the early days, the mid-stage period when you generally look great and feel energetic, and finally the last trimester, when the belly gets so big and heavy, every step you take feels like a Herculean effort.

As an expectant mum, you’ll be offered advice ― whether you like it or not. But it’ll be worth your while to sieve through what these are, then keep the gems and cast off the duds. If you’ve read Part I of our pregnancy hacks list, you’ll know how to make use of some of these brilliant light bulb moments work for you to ease your pregnancy woes.

Here is Part II, offering another 12 hacks that you can tap on. They have been tried and tested by experienced mums, so go ahead and use these for your needs. Now, all you have to do is relax and wait for your bundle of joy to arrive.

1) Ease nausea naturally
When morning sickness strikes, make your own electrolyte solution with sugar, salt and water and freeze as popsicles to suck. These taste good, hydrate you well when you can’t keep much food or water down, and soothe your throat at the same time. It’s safe for kids, too.

After trying them out on herself, homemaker Koh Wei Ping even made some for her toddler daughter. “I use my DIY version in place of the store-bought electrolyte solutions whenever she is dehydrated.”

Citrus fruits are another effective way to ease morning sickness. You can make fresh lime ice pops or drink herbal lemonade to settle a queasy stomach.

Tonic water contains quinine, which is said to reduce inflammation, while the tiny bubbles massage sore feet gently back to a more comfortable state.

2) Take sour stuff for heartburn
If you suffer from pregnancy-induced indigestion, consume some apple cider vinegar. Just add two teaspoons to some water and honey for a tasty drink. Alternatively, green apples also work wonders. Mum Sylvia Tee, who suffers from chronic heartburn, also recommends sucking on a sweet lollipop or hard candy.

3) Do prenatal yoga
Prenatal yoga isn’t just relaxing, it calms you down, so you can sleep better. You can also gain from a whole lot of other health benefits from the different yoga poses. The physical activity is said to help mums-to-be reduce lower back pain, muscle cramps, nausea, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, as well as shortness of breath.

4) Make your own belly band
Once your tummy gets too big, using hair ties or rubber bands might no longer be enough to do up your jeans. Instead, make your own belly bands out of old tank tops. Cut the off the straps and neckline in a straight line, then wrap them around the waist to give you a little more length.

5) Use a tool to pick things up
It’s not a must but when you are heavily pregnant, and something falls to the ground, a grabber tool or simply a pair of tongs might come in really handy. The gadget will save you from having to haul yourself up from your comfortable chair, as this will be the last thing you want to do.


6) Try a tonic water bath
If you suffer from swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy, soaking them in cold or room-temperature tonic water can be helpful. Tonic water contains quinine, which is said to reduce inflammation, while the tiny bubbles massage sore feet gently back to a more comfortable state. To prevent your feet from swelling in the first place, try rubbing some grapefruit and lemon essential oils on your tootsies.

7) Use kinesio tape to ease discomfort
Athletes first used kinesio tape to speed up recovering from their injuries. But mums-to-be soon discovered they could use it to relieve the pressure and discomfort of their heavy bumps during pregnancy. This elastic therapeutic tape is said to lift skin, support the belly and aid blood circulation.

You won’t stay pregnant forever, so cherish your body ― heavy baby bump and all ― while it lasts!

8) Get bra extenders
Buy “bra extenders” to expand the life of your existing bras. They add the extra room you’ll need as your breasts expand. They also cost way less than a maternity bra. Another smart idea? Try sports bras.

Koh says, “I really wanted new bras, and a good friend suggested purchasing stretchable sports bras instead. They worked well and I could use them again long after baby was born.”

9) Icing an itchy spot
Itching is a very common pregnancy symptom, especially on your abdomen when it stretches. Most of the time it is harmless, caused by an increasing blood supply to the skin. Apply ice to an itchy area of skin. Some mums also swear by coconut oil and adding oatmeal to the bath water.

10) Always pee first
With baby adding extra pressure on your bladder, you’ll find yourself heading to the loo more often. So, it’s a good idea to pee first before you do anything, especially if the venue for the activity means you’ll need to take a while to reach the toilet. If you ignore the call of nature, you risk having to do a major clean-up if you leak.

11) Use frozen peas as ice packs
Your pregnant body tends to be a few degrees hotter than the average person. To stay cool in Singapore’s humid climate, you might want to stick your bra in the freezer. While there, why not use that pack of frozen peas as a cooling ice pack if you don’t have the real thing?

12) Snap pix of you/your bump
Finally, you won’t stay pregnant forever, so cherish your body ― heavy baby bump and all ― while it lasts! Take as many pictures as possible and feel free to post them on social media or not. It’s your pregnancy and you can choose to do whatever you like!

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