Okay, so there are some pregnancy changes you may prefer to keep mum about…

4 embarrassing pregnancy symptoms


• Thrush

Characterised by an itchy vagina and white discharge, thrush happens a lot in pregnancy as hormones affect the vaginal pH balance. Always check with your GP or pharmacist before taking over-the-counter treatments, and eat natural yoghurt to help rebalance the pH levels.

• Constipation

As the hormone progesterone relaxes your digestive muscles, food can be delayed as it passes through your body, leaving you “backed up”. Load up on fibre-rich foods, such as wholemeal bread, dried fruits and cereals to keep things moving.

• Wind

Whether you blame it on your husband (or the dog), flatulence and burps during pregnancy are inevitable. Similar to constipation, it’s caused by your sluggish digestive system. Also, you tend to feel bloated because the food lingers in your system. Approach your nearest pharmacy for wind-relieving pills fit for pregnant women. Steer clear of gassy foods, such as beans as it will make symptoms worse.

• Piles

These haemorrhoids are itchy bulges in the veins around your bottom due to straining (from constipation), or your baby may be putting pressure on the veins there. Piles will often go away without treatment but, if they’re sore, see a pharmacist, who can suggest a pregnancy-safe cream to soothe the discomfort.

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