Keep your growing bump from standing in the way of your marriage with these tips.

4 ways to babyproof your marriage

The minute you see that positive sign on your home pregnancy test kit, motherhood kicks in at full speed. Your body starts changing physically, you’ll feel an inexplicable closeness to that little being growing inside of you, and you’ll be showered with love and concern by all of your loved ones.

There will also be moments when you and your man might be in awe of the life you’ve created together and you’ll bask in each other’s love and feel extremely close emotionally.

However, also be prepared for the other times when your hubby has absolutely no clue about what you’re going through, physically and emotionally, and starts feeling left out and loses the connection with you and bub.

The key to a happy marriage while pregnant is to allow your dad-to-be to get a slice of your pregnancy action. Here’s what you should do so that you can grow emotionally closer as a couple:

1. Get him to talk to your growing bump

Encourage the hubs to talk to your bump regularly. He can share memories from his own childhood, hopes for the future or all the exciting activities he has in store for bubba once he arrives. You can also join in — take turns to read a book or sing to your little one so that he’ll become familiar with both your voices. And if bub responds with a kick, rub your belly and he may respond again. This is closest you’ll get to a two-way communication with your cutie at this stage.

2. Go for classes together

Bring your man along to your doctor’s appointments and attend an antenatal class together so that he’s more in tune with what you’re going through and knows what to expect during labour, birth and from parenthood. The more informed he is, the closer he’ll feel to the pregnancy and you. And as you learn more about what’s going on in your body it will ease your anxiety and you’ll feel more confident about your pregnancy.

3. Build the partnership

Raising a child takes teamwork and there’s no better time to learn to work together efficiently than while the bun is still in the oven. Get your hubby to coach you with your labour breathing technique, tackle swaddling together with a doll and ask for his opinion when you shop for baby necessities. Also take this time to candidly discuss your individual parenting philosophies and work out any kinks, so that you’re both on the same page in the future.

4. Keep the romance alive

Getting all dolled up and hitting the town with your man is probably the last thing you want to do when you’re waddling like duck, but try to make the effort. This will be the last time (for a while) when it will be just the two of you, so indulge in each other’s undivided attention and surprise each other with romantic gestures. Don’t worry if you’re not up for sex, you can still be intimate with cuddles and kisses. Or get him to give you a foot or back rub to soothe those pregnancy aches!

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