Try these fun and memorable ways to learn if your bun in the oven is a girl or boy!

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One of the most exciting moments in your pregnancy ― for you as well as your loved ones ― is finding out the gender of your baby!

Some parents-to-be might want to keep the baby’s sex a secret till it is born, while others would rather share it…in style!

You can arrange for the gender reveal to be the highlight of your baby shower, which will create wonderful photo opportunities and memories.

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#1 Using cake!

Fancy cutting into a gorgeous cake, so as to find out whether bubba is a girl or a boy! It could take centre stage in your baby shower! You might want to enlist the help of a good friend for this ― ask your gynae to send word to your pal about your baby’s gender, then let her arrange a special cake with a hidden meaning, like the one above! (Photo: The Frosted Chick)

#2 Let your guests find out first

Let each of your guests get their own little surprise as they bite into their individual cupcakes! You’ll love hearing all the gasps around the room, even as the hubs pops a bottle of champagne! These adorable “Surprise Inside” cupcakes are a great idea ― try baking them yourself, with the instructions here. (Photo: Faith Food Family Fun)

#3 Make it a game

If you already know your baby’s gender, but would love your closest family and friends to take a stab at it, arrange a little guessing game at your baby shower. For a simple game, just get two jars ― one for a girl and one for a boy ― and let your loved ones make their guess by putting their names in the respective jar, along with a dollar or two. When the correct gender is revealed, one name is pulled out of the corresponding jar and the winner takes the pot of cash! (Photo: Kate Aspen)

#4 Use silly string

When it’s time for the big reveal, go for something visual like silly string (you can get it here)! Get canisters of silly string in pink or blue, and then on the count of three, let your guests spray at you like there’s no tomorrow! Remember to take lots of photos! (Photo: InJoy the Party)

#5 Say it with paint!

Want things to get even messier? This couple went the whole hog and got their baby shower guests to spray them with water guns filled with blue paint ― looks like they’re having a boy! (Photo: Macon Photography)

#6 Balloons and a dartboard

Think your man’s got aim? Try this super-fun dartboard gender reveal if you want to surprise him! Get a friend to inflate some balloons and tack them to a large board. Fill one of the balloons with pink or blue confetti ― depending on your baby’s gender. Then, let your husband throw darts at the balloons to pop them, so that he’ll get the answer he’s been waiting for! (Photo: Party Paradise)

#7 Balloon release

You’ll love how easy this one is. Inflate some blue or pink balloons with helium (you need helium for this) and place them in a large box. When the time comes for the reveal, open the box and let the balloons drift to the sky! (Photo: The Thinking Closet)


<p><strong>#8 Pick a piñata </strong></p> <p>This is a similar to the balloon release concept (gravity is used in this instead of helium), place pink or blue balloons and confetti into a DIY piñata ― a large box with a pull-string would do. Give a big tug, then celebrate your <a target="_blank" href="/when-you-are-pregnant/baby-growth-chart-how-big-your-baby-week-infographic" target="_blank">baby’s</a> gender! (Photo: <a target="_blank" href="" target="_blank">Russell Martin Photography</a>)</p>