Sex needn’t be put on the backburner, just because you’re preggers. Revamp your romps with these bump-friendly positions today!

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The thing about having sex during pregnancy is that at some point, your go-to positions may start to feel awkward. Your ever-expanding belly, swollen feet and hands or the constant fatigue you’re dealing with aren’t exactly making you feel sexy or up for a roll in the hay.


On the other hand, all those hormones and excess blood your body is producing to support baby’s growth is also making your lady parts more sensitive than ever. Not to mention, well-lubricated as well. So, what’s a (horny) woman to do? Improvise, of course!


Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have a healthy and robust sex life when you’re preggers. Unless your doctor thinks that intercourse could result in bleeding. In which case, any nookie is off the table until you get the greenlight!


Once you’re 20 weeks along, doctors will advise against positions that require you to lie flat on your back. If you’re supine, your enlarged uterus puts pressure on your aorta [main artery], which can compromise blood flow to the all-important placenta that is nourishing baby.


Otherwise, go for it! The key to having satisfying sex when you have a bun in the oven is to find positions that make you feel good and work at every stage of pregnancy. Here are our top eight “bump-friendly” sex positions that promise you and the hubs a really good time. Plus, it won’t poke the baby ― we promise!  


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POSITION #1 The policeman frisk

HOW TO DO IT: As your belly starts increasing in size, certain sitting and horizontal positions can get very uncomfortable. In this position, you stand facing a wall with your hubs behind you. Place your hands on the wall, keep your feet slightly apart and bend forward as he enters from behind. Having something to hold on to or rest on releases the pressure your heavy bump is exerting. Plus, the deep penetration from the back can feel very intense.  

POSITION #2 Reverse cowgirl

HOW TO DO IT: It’s the typical girl on top ― with a twist. You have full control but since you’re not facing your man, your bump won’t get in the way. Ladies, you will also be happy to hear that being on top increases stimulation of your clitoris.

POSITION #3 Leap frog

HOW TO DO IT: Very much similar to doggy style, it’s perfect for days when you’re too tired to hold yourself up. Leaning on your arms and tilting your pelvis allows deep penetration from a different angle ― and only good things can come out of that! For padded support, prop pillows under your bump and elbows.  


POSITION #4 Scissors

HOW TO DO IT: The best thing about this posture is its versatility. As the months progress, you can adjust this position to accommodate your growing belly. In the first trimester, when you’re still not showing, you lie side by side facing each other. Your man slips his legs over yours ― either straightened, to the side or bent at the knee ― and enters you from an angle. Once your belly starts getting in the way, move up your legs to create a V-shape, so that he can enter you from a different angle. This position will also ensure he keeps most of his weight off your bump. 


POSITION #5 Edge of the bed

HOW TO DO IT: It’s basically the missionary position, but now you lie on the side or foot of the bed, with your knees bent. Your man can kneel or stand as he penetrates, depending on how high the bed is. Wedge a pillow underneath your back during the second and third trimesters, so you’re not completely flat on your back, which will put pressure on your back and belly. 


POSITION #6 Spooning

HOW TO DO IT: This position works great through your pregnancy, and especially the third trimester when pregnancy slows down your mobility and you’re tired 24/7. Lie down with your man behind you and let him do all the work. He will love it because he gets to have his hands free to explore the wonderland that’s your body.  


POSITION #7 Cowgirl

HOW TO DO IT: Probably best for the first two trimesters when your belly is not going to smack your man in his face while you’re on top. This position not only lets you set the pace and depth, but also gives the hubs direct access to your breasts, which are that much more sensitive during pregnancy. 


POSITION #8 The laptop

HOW TO DO IT: Don’t let the name deceive you, there’s nothing boring and technical about this position. In fact, it’s one of the most straightforward and satisfying positions on this list. All you have to do is get the hubs to sit on a chair as you enter him with your back facing him. You are in control of the pace and penetration and won’t have to worry about your belly getting in the way at any point.