Is an unsettled stomach making your pregnancy a misery? These buys might just banish your queasiness once and for all!

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Morning sickness can take the fun out of your pregnancy. Some 70 to 85 per cent of pregnant women suffer nausea and/or vomiting and the intensity can vary from woman.

For some expectant women, the feelings of sickness are worse in the morning, easing up over the course of the day. The condition can happen any time and, for some women, it lasts all day.

Blame your condition on the surge in pregnancy hormones such as the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). However, other underlying causes like a middle ear or urinary infection may also be responsible, too.

The good news is that by about 16 weeks into your pregnancy, your symptoms should disappear. In the meantime, we round up reader-approved products to help you rein in this annoying pregnancy symptom.

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Twinings Infusion Tea (Lemon and Ginger)

PRICE $8.30


WHAT The refreshing hint of lemon in this beverage offers a zesty way to soothe your uneasy stomach. In TCM, the ginger’s “heaty” qualities help to expel any “wind” or gas from the body, so don’t be surprised if you experience flatulence after drinking it.

MUMS SAY The tea isn’t as spicy as other ginger teas, so doesn’t overpower. If you’re still not used to ginger, squeezing some lime or lemon can help.

Mini-Toilet Emergency Use Vomit Bags

PRICE $5.00/pack of four

FROM Qoo10

WHAT Carry these disposable sick bags and you’ll always be prepared, even when you can’t find a toilet. The 600ml-sized spill-proof bags, which are lined with absorbent material, are compact enough to stash in any handbag.

MUMS SAY Alice Chan, 34, says that she loves the convenience of these one-use sacks.

BH Dried Plums

PRICE $4.50

FROM Redmart

WHAT Much like lemon and other citrus fruit, the tartness of these preserved plums can calm your queasy stomach by desensitising the parts of the brain responsible for causing vomiting.

MUMS SAY Christy Lee, 29, a mum-to-be in her third trimester, says she would usually pop one of these whenever she felt nauseated during her first and second trimesters. Observing this practice ― something she learned from her grandmother ― helped to soothe her unsettled stomach.

Three Lollies’ Preggie Pop Drops, Sour Fruits

PRICE $6.98/pack of 21 pieces

FROM iHerb

WHAT Sour hard candy not just eases feelings of nausea and dry mouth, it’ll boost your energy level. These candies come in four fruity flavours: Sour Raspberry, Green Apple, Sour Lemon and Sour Tangerine. It is a great drug-free way to manage your morning sickness.

MUMS SAY The tart candy helped Joyce Sim cope with her terrible bouts of sickness, which started in week six of her pregnancy, in the office daily.

Sea Band Acupressure Bands

PRICE $13.00/Pack of two bands

FROM Lazada

WHAT This wristlet exerts pressure on the P6 acupuncture point on the wrists, a move that is known to relieve nausea and vomiting. The band is a convenient and safe solution as it is meds free.

MUMS SAY Emma Ho says she was sceptical at first because she had received it as a gift but she was really surprised when it eased her sickness more than anything she had tried before. “It’s especially helpful when I’m at work. I try not to take the meds the doctors gave me because it’ll make me drowsy.”

Paul’s All Natural Yoghurt


WHAT Packed with probiotics, yoghurt improves your digestive health by increasing the level of good bacteria in your gut. This healthy snack also reduces flatulence and soothes sickness.

MUMS SAY Adding a drizzle of honey lessens the sharpness of the plain yoghurt. Otherwise, you can also try adding in some fruit like bananas.

Lucozade Isotonic Drink (Original /Non-carbonated) drink

PRICE $1.00/500ml


WHAT Whenever you puke, your body doesn’t just purge liquids, it also loses some crucial electrolytes like potassium and sodium. Taking small amounts of isotonic drinks can restore the levels of electrolytes in your body.

MUMS SAY If your body is able to retain liquids, consuming sports drinks can help prevent dehydration. Downing a non-carbonated sports drink means you don’t have to worry about feeling gassy or increasing your flatulence.

Gold Kili Instant Ginger Drink

PRICE $3.35 for pack of 20 sachets


WHAT In TCM, ginger is thought to help the body expel any “wind”, so it’ll help you manage after-meal symptoms like feelings of bloat and gas.

MUMS SAY Selina Goh started taking ginger tea on a friend’s recommendation, “I stick to drinking it before I go to bed and now I feel much better.” She suggests adding a little honey if the tea is too spicy.

Hup Seng Special Cream Crackers

PRICE $2.10/10 packets

FROM Redmart

WHAT Eating plain biscuits will help to control and reduce your stomach acid, which can trigger nausea. Doctors advise eating smaller meals more frequently when you are dealing with morning sickness, so this makes a healthy snack.

MUMS SAY Crystal Chan, 27, used to snack on crackers as a student whenever her stomach was unwell because she was anxious about her exam papers. “When I carried my son, I thought I’ll give it a try — I took biscuits whenever I felt a bit queasy. To my surprise, it worked!”

Colgate Twister Travel Kit

PRICE $3.75

FROM Guardian

WHAT A quick brushing of teeth will remove that nasty taste of upchuck. Frequent vomiting may erode your tooth enamel, increasing your risk of tooth decay and sensitivity. Do note that you shouldn’t brush immediately after vomiting as the stomach acid has already weakened the tooth, so brushing will cause it to worsen. Try rinsing your mouth with mouthwash before you clean your teeth. Use fluoride toothpaste to fight decay and strengthen tooth enamel.

MUMS SAY The minty toothpaste erases any horrid odours. The compact travel kit is also convenient to stash in your carryall.