Your simple guide to planning a balanced diet.

What to eat for a healthy pregnancy

A healthy diet is especially important for you and your family to experience wellness together. And when you are pregnant, do include the following food groups in your diet to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you and your baby need.

Carbs including fruit and veggies

Give you energy during pregnancy, so try to have a portion (one potato, 50g of pasta or a slice of bread) at every meal.


It helps to develop your baby’s bones and teeth so load up on cottage cheese, tofu, yoghurt and a handful of almonds, which are all good sources.


Concentrate on your iron intake as many pregnant women are low in iron. So, eat green leafy veg and snack on fortified breakfast cereals.


Helps build your little one’s cells and tissues. Aim for two to three portions a day — eggs, hard and pasteurised cheeses, cereals and pulses are rich in this, as is fish.

Folic acid

Important before and during pregnancy as it helps to prevent serious birth defects in your baby. Continue your intake of folic acid-rich foods, like oranges, broccoli and asparagus throughout.


Stay hydrated by sticking to water and a limited amount of fruit juice. The high sugar content in fruit juice can destabilise your blood sugar.

Vitamin D supplement

Pregnant women should take a daily supplement containing vitamin D as your baby needs it for bone development. Try New Obimin at the local pharmacies.


Essential fats — found in oily fish, seeds, nuts and avocado — are important for bubba’s brain and spine development.

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