5 brilliant ways to bond with your bump

From singing to soothing massages, here’s how to have the best pregnancy experience, plus, cement that connection with your cherub!

Admit it, the minute you saw a positive on the pregnancy test, you started imagining how it’d feel like to meet your baby. However, waiting nine (sometimes 10) months to meet your mini-me can feel like an eternity!

That said, some women feel an instant connection with their unborn child, but for others, it can take them some time to truly feel that bond. This could be a result of pregnancy challenges like prolonged morning sickness, dealing with a previous pregnancy loss and feeling overwhelmed with the pre-birth prep. For many women, taking care of older kids whilst another human grows inside can also take a toll.

A lot of research has gone into understanding how an expectant mother’s actions and thoughts can affect her baby’s well-being after delivery and well into the future. Results indicate that a stressed mother produces an abundance of stress hormones called catecholamines, which can affect a growing baby’s emotions and can lead to chronic stress.

To give bubba the best emotional start in life, take steps to rid your life of tension and find pleasure in bonding with your unborn child. Not sure where to start? We round up five simple, yet sure-fire ways to strengthen those ties with your sweetie, so that he remains strong inside to experience more together with you later.

Pick an emollient that prevents stretch marks, then stroke your belly gently. Don’t be surprised if bubba responds with a kick or by changing positions.

1) Chit chat

Your foetus can hear sounds as early as week 18, so get gabbing! Talk to your little one about your day, sing songs or read out loud. Some experts say playing classical music has a very calming effect on baby. Studies also show that music can contribute to your little one’s language skills later on in life, so you have no excuses not to! You may feel self-conscious at first, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Listening to your voice will make your baby feel safe and attached to you. He will also be able to identify your voice soon after birth as it’s familiar. Rope in daddy and the older kids, too, so that everyone has a chance to get acquainted with the future family member.

2) Get touchy-feely

No need to wait till your wee one arrives to shower him with cuddles and kisses ― you can “feel” your little fella from the outside by massaging your belly. To be safe, do this after your first trimester and start by slathering some oil or cream over your belly ― pick an emollient that prevents stretch marks, then stroke your belly gently. Don’t be surprised if bubba responds with a kick or by changing positions. For a full-on spa-like atmosphere, turn on some soothing music and light scented candles. Make it a daily ritual in the evenings ― it’s a great way to wind down after a long day and you’ll enjoy some quiet time with your baby.

Three more ways to bond with your bump…coming right up!