9 tips on choosing the right Ob-Gyn

Pick the right person to ensure that you and baby will be well cared for in the next nine months…


Vanessa Chang found out that she was pregnant in February this year after taking a home pregnancy test. After telling her husband, she buckled down and started researching online for gynaecologists.

“Believe it or not, I had never seen a gynaecologist before that. I wanted to be sure that I was indeed pregnant, so besides my husband, I didn’t want to tell anyone until we had gone to the gynae,” recalls Vanessa, who is now 7 months pregnant.

She then did what most people would do ― “I turned to Google,” she chuckles. Looking up terms like “Best gynae in Singapore” and “Singapore gynaecologist reviews”, she armed herself with several clinics’ phone numbers and started making calling.

“In the end, we went with my current gynae, because there was an appointment slot available that weekend, and the nurse on the phone was very pleasant!” Chang says.

After all, she adds, “I would like it to be an enjoyable experience” as she would have call the clinic every now and then over the next nine months or so.

So, whatever criteria you have when it comes to choosing your Ob-Gynae, it’s important to realise that this person will be responsible for you and your baby’s well-being throughout your pregnancy, labour and delivery.

Here are tips to make the right decision.

1. Get recommendations

A good start in your gynae search would be to ask for recommendations. Your best pals, a sister, or a colleague may be able to share with you why they picked their own doctors.

Find out what they like about him or her, and why they would recommend him or her to you. Perhaps they like the doctor’s demeanor, or maybe the doctor has a tremendous amount of experience.

Is there a 24-hour hotline you can call in case of emergencies? What happens if the doctor’s out of town when you’re about to give birth?

Think about your own criteria for your ideal gynae ― is he or she soft spoken or chatty? Is he or she forthcoming with information, or more reserved with the comments? Whatever the case, their recommendations should give you a good feeling. Otherwise, move on.

2. Do your research

There are plenty of online resources these days. Besides searching for individual gynae reviews, check out local parenting forums and websites. Blogs are another resource ― other parents often write about their gynae visits in their social media pages.

Learn more about the gynaes’ policies ― are they readily accessible? Is there a 24-hour hotline you can call in case of emergencies? What happens if the doctor’s out of town when you’re about to give birth?

Don’t hesitate to call the clinic if you need someone to clarify pressing questions.

3. Factor in the cost

Having a baby doesn’t come cheap. Each gynae visit will set you back $120 to $200, and you’ll need to see the doctor at least once a month. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of your prenatal supplements, too.

There’s also the delivery cost to consider. Gynae fees for a normal delivery starts at around $1,500 ― there’ll be additional costs if an assisted delivery (using forceps, for instance) or a C-section is needed.

Making several phone calls should help you determine the fees that your potential gynaecologist will charge.