Your tot will enjoy hours of fun with just a roll of sticky tape! We have fantastic ideas to try.

This COVID-19 school break is unprecedented simply because junior has to hole up at home with you because of the Circuit-Breaker restrictions.

Parents who are desperate to keep their kiddos engaged for ages will love the idea of using just one material ― a roll of tape ― to plan simple activities for junior.

You can use any type of sticky tape ― while we like using masking tape and washi tape as these are easy to remove, you can also use coloured repair tape and duct tape. These are easily available online or at brick-and-mortar supermarkets, convenience stores, as well as major bookstores and hardware stores.

Creating simple lines and shapes on tiled or even carpeted floors can encourage play that will hone your child’s fine motor skills, balance and coordination, as well as create a whole lot of fun.

So, jump right in with our top 10 sticky activities to do with your tot!

Infographic: Syahirah Maszaid

Tots-10-creative-sticky-tape-toddler-activities-[Infographic]_01Tots-10-creative-sticky-tape-toddler-activities-[Infographic]_02Tots-10-creative-sticky-tape-toddler-activities-[Infographic]_03Tots-10-creative-sticky-tape-toddler-activities-[Infographic]_04Tots-10-creative-sticky-tape-toddler-activities-[Infographic]_05Tots-10-creative-sticky-tape-toddler-activities-[Infographic]_06Tots-10-creative-sticky-tape-toddler-activities-[Infographic]_07Tots-10-creative-sticky-tape-toddler-activities-[Infographic]_08 (1)

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