Fun stocking stuffers, that aren’t candy, but still cheap? Take our money already!

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Christmas stocking stuffers are always fun – especially for little ones who love unwrapping small presents. However, it may not always be that jolly for adults who have to wrack their brains to come up with interesting items that are also small in size.

Instead of resorting to a boring toothbrush or sinful sweets and chocolates, this year we bring you a list of small and simple gifts that will really make a toddler feel excited about the yuletide season. Oh, did we mention these items are all $10 or less? That got your attention didn’t it?

Scroll through the photo gallery for some sweet, yet cheap stocking stuffers that’ll truly make junior’s holiday season an awesome one.

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Slimy Swiss Formula - Squeeze It Heads

PRICE $9.99
FROM Toys R Us
WHAT Squeeze the skeleton head until the slimy slime oozes out. Then pull it, roll it, cut it up in pieces or throw it against the wall to see if it sticks. The possibilities are endless when it comes to slime, and we are confident when we say that no kid – big or small – can resist some slimy fun.
PARENTS SAY “I love these. I can put them in my purse or diaper bag and whip it out when we we’re out and my son is bored. Works like a charm every time,” says mum Sujatha Nair. (Photo: Toys R Us Singapore)

Hot Wheels (Hot little sports car blitzspeeder 20)

PRICE $6.50
FROM Lazada 
WHAT These iconic mini sports cars come in all shapes, sizes, colours and models. Known for having the coolest castings and the most authentic decorations, these vehicles are loved by both little boys and girls. Junior will enjoy racing his toy cars and trucks with his friends, and even swapping them for a day or two.
PARENTS SAY “You can never go wrong with Hot Wheels. My son and daughters fight over them all the time. They are really cool and encourage collaborative play,” says mum-of-three Desiree Tan. (Photo: Lazada)

Crayola 24-Colour Crayon (Ultra Clean & Washable)

PRICE $6.90
FROM Redmart
WHAT Crayola crayons inspire self-expression and imaginative play and are great for use at home or school. In addition to classic colours, this 24-count box also contains new shades, including, robin's egg blue, timberwolf, sea green, and goldenrod. Another added bonus: These non-toxic crayons are made from an ultra-clean washable formula and can easily be washed clean from your skin, clothing, and even painted walls.
PARENTS SAY “Always a fan of anything that can create a mess, but can also be washed away. My kids love Crayola crayons,” says mum Norliza Ahmad. (Photo: Lazada)

OEM Cartoon Animals Finger Puppets (10 pieces)

PRICE $7.60
FROM Lazada 
WHAT Pop these cute animal characters over your fingers and move them to a song or as a part of story and watch junior’s eyes light up with excitement. Bright coloured and available in fun characters, these finger puppets are easy to catch, and keep, kids’ attention, plus foster creativity in them. It’s also safe enough for junior to try out for some self-play.
PARENTS SAY “Finger puppets can bring any story to life and are also easy to wash and keep clean,” says Norliza.  (Photo: Lazada)

Father Christmas Needs a Wee (mini hardback board books)

PRICE $8.91
FROM Book Depository
WHAT Get everyone into the festive spirit as you snuggle together as a family and read this Christmas bestseller aloud. It’s Christmas Eve and every child leaves out a drink and a snack for Father Christmas. Before long he really, really needs a wee, but what can he do about it? Written in rhyming text that also encourages counting, this story is packed with silly humour that will appeal to children – especially a scenario every toilet-training toddler can identify with.
PARENTS SAY “A wonderful book for young children. And the adults reading it will enjoy it just as much. Lots of rhyme and counting, plus great illustrations,” says mum Michelle Thomas.(Photo: Book Depository)

Metal Original Slinky in Box (Silver)

PRICE $9.90
FROM My Toy Shop
WHAT Entertaining kids since the mid-40s, Slinkys look so simple, but are packed with hours of fun in them. Stretch it like an accordion, wiggle and jiggle it in your hands or watch it “walk” down stairs one step at a time. Better yet, race it down with another slinky!
PARENTS SAY “Slinkys are always good fun and a very safe toy,” says Sujatha. (Photo: My Toy Shop)

Melissa & Doug Wooden Stamp Set (Baby Farm Animals)

PRICE $10.10
FROM Melissa & Doug
WHAT Are you ready for some stamping good fun? This set comes with eight wooden stamps in various animal shapes, such as a cow, chick, rabbit and pig. Press them on the ink pad – there are four colours to play with – and go crazy on a sheet of paper or even daddy’s forehead when he’s taking nap! Encourage junior to use her stamp set to make a lovely card for a friend or even to create her own masterpiece. Also available in other themes, including baby zoo animals, butterflies and hearts and dinosaurs.
PARENTS SAY “Very easy to use. We like to stamp them to create a border around a piece of paper, colour them in with coloured pencils, laminate the paper and make adorable place mats. Very worth it,” says Nikki Tan. (Photo: Melissa & Doug)

Play-Doh Party Pack Tube

PRICE $9.90
FROM Lamkins
WHAT Nothing encourages more imaginative, creative and open-ended play than a tub of Play-Doh. Kids can make literally anything from this “squishy squashy” compound, which is what makes it so popular amongst the little ones. Who are we kidding? Even adults love a round of Play-Doh fun! This value-for-money tube comes with 10 tubs, all in different colours. 
PARENTS SAY “Every house that has kids, must have Play-Doh. It’s a great way to have fun as a family and the possibilities are endless, which means the kids are kept busy for hours,” says mum Julia Lim. (Photo: Lamkins)

Imperial Toy - Super Miracle Bubble

PRICE $1.98 per bottle (237ml)
FROM Toys R Us
WHAT Each bottle of bubbles promises hours of outdoor fun. Grab the wand, dip it into the bubble solution, blow gently and watch tons of bubble float into the air. When junior takes a break from chasing the bubbles, teach him how to blow from the wand. He’s going to love it!
PARENTS SAY “Bubbles are a really ingenious way of keeping the kids busy. Most of the time we don’t even have to go outside and can just play on our balcony or even in the bathtub” says Tan. (Photo: Toys R Us Singapore)