Squishy, mouldable and oh, so soft — you’ll love this easy-to-make cloud dough recipe that only requires two simple ingredients.

Tots-Make-It-DIY-cloud-doughIf junior likes playing with playdoh, or kinetic sand, he’ll love this.

Cloud dough is a soft, squishy material that toddlers will love pressing into as it holds its shape, and you can create shapes out of it.

Throw in a few spades and a few moulds, and you’ll easily earn yourself an hour or so of quiet time.

The best part is that it’s affordable, easy to make, and relatively easy to clean up!


What you need:

* 1 cup of baby oil (any brand is fine). Or you could also use olive oil, if you worry about your baby getting it in their mouth.

* 8 cups of plain flour

* A large plastic container — you can use an old baby bath tub, or this affordable plastic Ikea box

* Lots of little spoons, scoops, moulds or cookie cutters

* Little plastic toys – like animals, numbers, or letters (optional)


1. Add the oil to the flour. If you have a younger child who is likely to put it into his or her mouth, substitute baby oil for vegetable oil or olive oil to make it “taste-safe”.

2. Mix it all up. Press and pinch the flour to make sure it is all evenly mixed.

3. Your cloud dough is ready! Throw in the scoops and moulds, and watch the kiddos have a blast!

4. Optional: You can create a “treasure hunt” game using small plastic toys. Hide plastic animals within and get your munchkin to name then as he digs them out. Or hide letters and numbers to teach sequencing.

5. You can keep the cloud dough for months after (or as long as you’re comfortable): Just store it all in an airtight container after play.

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