Brush up on playdate etiquette to make the most of this time.

Rules of engagement

Set a time limit

This might feel a bit tactless, but it’s absolutely fine to be clear about when the playdate will end. The trick is to claim that you have an appointment. Don’t worry, we won’t tell...

Keep it small

Since your home’s going to be littered with toys anyway, it’s tempting to have another nursery buddy over. But three can be a crowd for toddlers — one child may feel left out and sharing toys becomes even trickier.

Provide healthy options

We don’t mean carrot sticks all the way, but bear in mind that some mums might be stricter than you. Offer a couple of different options, but don’t feel like you have to lay on a full gourmet buffet spread.

Don’t hover

Obviously, if we’re talking young toddlers, they’ll need more supervision. But, once you’ve organised a few activities or put out some toys, children from around 3 years of age often play better together if they are left alone.

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