Here’s how to whet your tot’s appetite with nutrient-rich foods.

Ways to get your kid to eat healthy

Eating certain foods can help your child stay alert and boost her brainpower. Follow these tips to supercharge your sweetie’s growth with healthy and mind-boosting eats.

Balance your child's diet

To do this, start by following the Health Promotion Board’s “My Healthy Plate” programme. Fill half the plate with fruit and vegetables, a quarter with whole grains like brown rice, and the remaining quarter with lean protein such as chicken, fish, lentils, beans, tofu or nuts. These foods should be included in your mini-muncher’s plate:

• Eggs
• Squash
• Walnuts
• Pumpkin seeds
• Whole grains like oats
• Fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna

Make the dishes appealing

Make an Angry Birds or a smiley face and create a fun name — young children would be more willing to try a dish if they like the look and sound of it.

Colourful food helps

Perk up your peewee’s appetite by adding bright organic food colouring to his dishes.

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