Follow our at-a-glance guide to prevent accidents at home.

How to childproof your home

Staying one step ahead of your toddler can be exhausting, but most children survive their toddler years with little more than a few bumps and bruises. And once she hits 3, you can help her develop her own sense of personal safety by letting her try things for herself under your supervision. But remember, you’ll need to repeat information again and again as young children have amazingly short memories. Here’s an easy guide to making your home safe for your little one:

9 months onwards
“I’m into everything”. Now’s the time to fit…
• Grilles on all your windows if you live in an apartment, or on your windows upstairs.
• Safety covers on all unused electrical sockets.
• Childproof locks on cupboards and drawers where necessary (knife drawers, fridge, medicine drawer, and so on).
• A video lock or cover.

1 year onwards
“I’m up on two feet”. Now’s the time to fit…
• Stairgates.
• Corner cushions on tables and other sharp areas.

15 months onwards
“I can climb and stretch up high”. Now’s the time to fit…
• Oven and hob guards.
• Wind-ups for venetian blind cords and cable organisers for wires of electrical appliances.

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