Frustrated you’ve run into roadblocks in your breastfeeding journey? These lactation experts can help you resolve your nursing woes!

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With countless messages about the numerous benefits of breastmilk for babies, many mothers feel the pressure to breastfeed. Yet, nursing is no walk in the park. When mothers can’t continue nursing or are unable to do so for various reasons, some start to feel guilty. They might even blame themselves for not being able to provide even the most basic nutrition for their little one.


However, sometimes these factors just can’t be controlled. For example, a premature baby might have trouble latching on properly, or your body is just unable to produce enough milk for the baby, regardless how hard you try.


Many new mums experience these common problems, too, so don’t stress too much about yours. Should you need help, Singapore has various nursing resources that can help you solve your breastfeeding woes. Scroll through the photo gallery to check them out!

Thomson ParentCraft Centre

WHAT The lactation consultants at Thomson Medical ― who are just a phone call away ― provide personalised counselling to nursing mums. Home visiting services are also available, so that new mums can learn how to breastfeed properly or care for their baby in the comfort of their own home. The hospital organises breastfeeding workshops for mums with topics like basic breastfeeding positions, possible nursing problems you might encounter, as well as how to maintain your breast shape.
PRICE A clinic consultation costs $96.30 for the first hour, $22.45 for every subsequent 15 minutes. A home visit costs $190.50 for the first 90 minutes, $15 for every subsequent 15 minutes.
WHY WE LOVE IT They offer other services and programmes as well,  including baby massage, a First-Aid Training Programme, even an Infant Care Training Programme for domestic helpers or caregivers!
HOW TO CONTACT? Call 6251-4090 to make an appointment.

Mother and Child Singapore

WHAT Mother and Child has lactation consultants to help you with your breastfeeding struggles and issues. They believe that breastfeeding is a skill to learn, and when done properly should not hurt you. You can get a consultation at their premises, in the hospital, or your own home! Their breastfeeding experts will conduct a one-to-one session with you to observe how you nurse and advise you on how help your little one latch on properly.
PRICE A consultation at Mother and Child costs $150 per hour. A home visit costs $230 per hour.
WHY WE LOVE IT The #03-11 Tanglin Mall outlet runs a baby café every Monday ($15 entrance fee, includes drinks and snacks) where, from 2pm to 4pm, you can meet up with other nursing mums. This is the spot to bond with like-minded women over your shared experiences!
HOW TO CONTACT? Call 6836-0063.

Jophia Bok

WHAT Jophia Bok is a lactation nurse, freelance lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and mum of two kids! After she gave birth to her second child, people started approaching her for lactation advice and coaching. Motivated, she started studying about lactation formally, and has been guiding new mums who have problems breastfeeding for the past six years. She does house visits, as well as pre-delivery counselling on basic babycare for anxious parents-to-be.
PRICE A home visit costs $80 and up on weekdays. Additional $20 for weekends and for an after-hours visit.
WHY WE LOVE IT She will chat with you over the phone to determine if she needs to conduct a house visit. If not, she dispenses free advice over the phone!
HOW TO CONTACT? Call or message her at 9159-6557. 

Family Life Society

WHAT Family Life Society is a non-profit organisation that promotes and supports marriage and family. They run a Joyful Parenting programme providing counselling sessions for breastfeeding mums, labour advice, and info on the challenges of caring for a newborn. It also has a support group made up of mum volunteers, family educators and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) qualified nurses.
PRICE Free of charge.
WHY WE LOVE IT If you need babycare advice or support, call the helpline between 10am and 5pm from Monday to Saturday.
HOW TO CONTACT? The helpline’s number is 6488-0286, or send an e-mail.

Betty Lee

WHAT Betty Lee is a freelance lactation consultant who is also People’s Association teacher. She does home visits to help nursing mums with problems, and also offers prenatal or breastfeeding classes at various centres or in the comfort of your own home. While Lee offers free phone consultations, she prefers to meet you, so to ensure that her advice is accurate.
PRICE $150/hour on weekdays, $180/hour on weekends.
WHY WE LOVE IT Friendly and helpful, Lee responds quickly to phone queries!
HOW TO CONTACT? Call or message her at 9833-0170.

Traditional & Holistic Post-natal Centre

WHAT This specialist postnatal massage service helps new mums return to shape post-birth with traditional Jamu massage. Their breastfeeding massages will clear blocked ducts if your breasts are engorged breasts. The centre’s founder, Rokiah Jantan, who boasts over 10 years’ experience doing post-natal massages, trains the team of masseuses herself. They will even give you advice while they massage you! A massage session lasts an hour.
PRICE A massage session costs $100 on weekdays, $110 on weekends.
WHY WE LOVE IT You can purchase massage package deals without an expiry date!
HOW TO CONTACT? To enquire, call 9271-6091or send a WhatsApp message. 

Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group

WHAT Nursing mum volunteers make up the non-profit Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group. The group provides counselling via phone calls or social media such as Facebook, workshops and talks. You can also attend their social gatherings, where you’ll meet mums who are going through the same thing as you!
PRICE Free of charge.
WHY WE LOVE IT They have a resources tab on their webpage which shares answers to basic babycare posers! Mums can enter the site to check if there there’s an answer to their query before seeking professional help.
HOW TO CONTACT? Call 6339-3558 for counselling support or e-mail them at counselling@breastfeeding.or

NUH Women’s Clinic

WHAT National University Hospital, Women’s Centre ― the first Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative-certified (BFHI) hospital in Singapore ― encourages mums to breastfeed their babies exclusively after childbirth. Besides offering a conducive environment to support breastfeeding mothers, staff will encourage mums to breastfeed until their kid turns 2. If you gave birth at NUH, you will be offered a complimentary lactation consultation service in the ward.
PRICE $60 for a lactation consultation.
WHY WE LOVE IT The website features a very comprehensive guide on breastfeeding, including tips on how to express and handle breastmilk!
HOW TO CONTACT? Call 9722-0376 to make a personal consultation appointment or to speak to a lactation consultant.

Raffles Hospital

WHAT At Raffles Hospital, lactation consultants will guide you on your breastfeeding journey daily during office hours. If you gave birth here, nurses will cover babycare basics with you during your stay. And if you require additional help after you’re discharged, you can request a complimentary consultation session at the hospital. A session lasts 30 minutes to an hour.
PRICE The lactation service costs $80 per session.
WHY WE LOVE IT You and the hubs can attend the hospital’s complimentary ParentCraft sessions during your stay. Besides breastfeeding pointers, you’ll also pick up tips on bathing your newborn.
HOW TO CONTACT? Call 6311-1516/7 to make an appointment for a breastfeeding consultation.

KK Women’s and Children Hospital

WHAT KK Women and Children Hospital (KKH) has a lactation clinic that helps new mums come to grips with their breastfeeding peeves. If you would like to get professional advice from the comfort of your own home, they also offer a KKH-Ask-A-Nurse Service from 8am to midnight daily when a qualified nurse will answer your questions for 80 cents a minute.
PRICE A consultation starts at $90.
WHY WE LOVE IT Their website features a thorough breastfeeding guide fielding nursing-related queries you should check out before deciding that you still need to talk to a lactation expert.
HOW TO CONTACT? Call 6225-5554 to make an appointment.

Flower Moon Clinic

WHAT Flower Moon Clinic treats your lactation problems using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Acupressure, acupuncture and Chinese herbs may be used during the consultation, which can range from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your condition. The TCM expert will not only address your breastfeeding questions during this session, they’ll also dispense diet advice. As the Hougang clinic only sees patients strictly on an appointment basis, make sure you make one. (Photo: Flower Moon Clinic)
PRICE The lactation acupressure service costs $138 at Flower Moon Clinic (#01-82 The Promenade@Pelikat, 183 Jalan Pelikat), and $198 for a home visit.
WHY WE LOVE IT Here, TCM is used in it treatments, instead of Western medical principles. Plus, the doctors are patient and very helpful if you have any breastfeeding queries.
HOW TO CONTACT? Call 6280-3467 or 9864-8647.