Though your little one seems feverish, use a reliable thermometer to find out for sure if he’s running a temperature…


If your baby’s temperature is anything over 37 deg C, you start to feel panicky. Is bubba running a fever, or not?

But, before you race down to the doctor, you should first find out what your baby’s exact temperature is. Indeed, a good baby thermometer should be part of any parent’s first-aid arsenal.

That said, with the many options in the market ― from simple digital thermometers, to non-contact infra-red ones ― it’s hard to make the call as to which one you should put your money on.

Here are several of the best that should give you peace of mind.

Tommee Tippee Digital Ear Thermometer

Price $69.90
From Pupsik Studio
What This thermometer is quick, accurate and easy to use. Place the tip in your baby’s ear, press the scan button and the temperature reading will appear within a second on the large LCD display. Comes with eight replacement hygiene covers.
Parents say This thermometer has lots of parent-friendly features such as a lighted LCD screen of a good size, so you don’t have problems reading the temperature in the middle of the night. It stores nine previous temperature readings, so you can better monitor how your little one is doing. However, some parents reported inaccurate readings ― different temperatures were recorded minutes apart.

Beurer Non-Contact Clinical Thermometer

Price $149
From Pupsik Studio
What Using a sensor, this thermometer captures your peewee’s temperature when it’s held several centimetres from his forehead. You’ll get accurate results in 2 seconds. A laughing smiley icon indicates that everything is okay, while a sad face appears when the temperature is over 38 deg C.
Parents say This thermometer is rather pricey, but it’s a small price to pay, since you don’t have to wake your little one from his slumber, thanks to the contactless function. It stores 60 previous temperature readings, so that you can keep track of your sweetie’s recovery.

Braun ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer

Price $79.90
From Lazada
What The Braun ThermoScan measures the infrared heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue. The tip is pre-warmed to 34 deg C, so your baby is comfortable. To maintain hygiene, it comes with 21 disposable probe tips.
Parents say This device takes slightly longer ― about 5 seconds ― to give a reading. However, many rave about its accuracy. Mum of two Alicia Ho swears by this thermometer. “The readings are super accurate ― same as at the doctor’s clinic. I lost mine when I was on vacation last year and I bought another one right away. It’s a must-have at home,” she says. Many parents wish that the LCD screen was lit, though, and that it came with more disposable tips.

Omron Ear Thermometer

Price $71
From Guardian
What Suitable for both adults and kids, this device takes temperature readings in 1 second. It boasts an ergonomic design for easy handling, as well as a fever alarm and beeper when your child’s temperature is higher than normal.
Parents say Leila Tay, mum to Theo, 2, says, “This was recommended by my doctor ― the price is reasonable and I find it easy to use. I’ve had it for two years and it’s quite durable.”

BRAUN No Touch + Forehead Thermometer

Babies--BUYER'S-GUIDE-7-best-baby-thermometers-braun no touch​​​​​​​
Price $99.90
From Lazada
What You can use this thermometer two ways ― the contactless option, or you might prefer to use the forehead touch method. Either way, you get results instantly and accurately.
Parents say Although it’s nearly double the price of the ThermoScan 5 Ear version, parents are thrilled by the added frills like the different coloured screens to indicate the severity of the fever. Another plus ― it doesn’t require any probe covers.

Pigeon digital thermometer

Price $9.90
FROM Redmart
What A simple thermometer that measures temperatures up to two decimal points. You can use this rectally, orally, or under the arm, as the soft tip is safe and flexible. It’s BPA-free and comes in a convenient storage case for hygiene purposes.
Parents say “It’s cheap and gets the job done,” Ho says. “I get a few of these thermometers as a back up at home, and if I need it at my parent’s place.”

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