Use these diaper rash creams to ease any redness on bubba’s bum.

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Almost every baby will get a diaper rash or experience redness in the bum at some point, especially once he starts taking solids, which may change the acidity of his poop. Or your baby’s delicate skin may develop a rash because prolonged diaper use may give rise to friction, since poop, urine, and even the chemicals found in his diapers and wet wipes may irritate the skin.

Apply a diaper rash cream to protect your little one’s bum ― it not only forms a protective barrier, the treatment usually offers healing and moisturising properties, too. SmartParents rounds up the best creams on the market today.

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Weleda Calendula Rash Cream

PRICE $18.90/81g

FROM Qoo10 

WHAT This cream soothes irritation even as natural ingredients protect your baby’s skin. Zinc oxide and calendula extract ease redness and inflammation, while beeswax offers a layer of protection, even as it soothes and softens skin.

PROS Natural ingredients will put your mind at ease. The smooth balm spreads evenly and smells great.

CONS Pricey.


 PRICE $8.42/125g

FROM Pupsik Studio​​​​​​​

WHAT A mild antiseptic cream the whole family can use. Besides treating diaper rash, you can use it for bed sores, eczema, minor burns and even acne. It also provides a water-repellent barrier and anaesthetic properties.

PROS Heals bad rashes quickly and effectively.

CONS Since it comes in a tub, it’s annoying when the cream gets under your nails when you dip your fingers in it

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Diaper Balm

PRICE $15.90/60ml

FROM Pupsik Studio 

WHAT Made with organic olive oil, this balm features organic herbs, shea butter and pure essential oils. Besides soothing diaper rash, it can also ease thrush, bug bites, scrapes, chickenpox and burns.

PROS It contains only natural, organic, non-toxic ingredients and smells great, thanks to essential oils. Free from zinc oxide, a petroleum by-product.

CONS While some mums rave about this product, others report that their babies experience a strong stinging sensation, especially when they have broken skin.


PRICE $5.90/55g

FROM Qoo10

WHAT A lightweight cream that helps prevent redness and treats diaper rash.

PROS Your baby’s bum won’t feel sticky after you apply the light and non-greasy balm. Mildly  scented, it gives value for money.

CONS To get results, you may have to apply it many times a day.

Bepanthen Ointment

PRICE $8.90/30g

FROM Guardian

WHAT Free of fragrance, preservatives, colours and antiseptic, this ointment is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. The pro-vitamin B5 aids natural skin recovery, while keeping it soft, smooth and moisturised.

PROS Effectively clears diaper rash without using harmful chemicals and ingredients. Won’t stain clothes either because it is transparent.

CONS It’s an ointment instead of a cream, so the texture can feel a little oily.

California Baby Therapeutic Relief Diaper Rash Cream

PRICE $18.90/82g

FROM Pupsik Studio

WHAT Ultra-purified lanolin in this all-natural cream creates a moisture barrier, while soothing any irritation caused by the chemicals in most disposable diapers. Contains calming ingredients like vitamin-grade zinc, vitamin E, tea tree, aloe vera and French lavender.

PROS Zero fragrances and scent-masking agents make this prettily packaged product ideal for preventing rashes.

CONS Pricey, and some mums reported a stinging sensation when applied to a rash.

Himalaya Herbals Nappy Rash Cream

PRICE $6/100ml

FROM Watsons

WHAT This cream is enriched with Five-Leaved Chaste Tree extracts to reduce the discomfort, inflammation and rashes caused by diapers. The addition of almond oil and aloe vera also soothes and softens skin.

PROS This value-for-money buy has a cooling effect on contact with skin. No side effects, thanks to the herbal formulation.

CONS Feels a little greasy upon application.

Desitin Maximum Strength

PRICE $12.90/57g

FROM Watsons

WHAT Offering the highest level of zinc oxide available without a prescription, this diaper rash cream immediately forms a protective barrier to sooth diaper rash discomfort and aids healing. The hypoallergenic formula provides hydration, while reducing irritation of sensitive and inflammatory-prone skin.

PROS A favourite among many mums, this thick cream is easy to apply on bubba’s skin and protects well.

CONS Some people can find the smell a little strong.

Baby Sebamed diaper rash cream

PRICE $18.45/100ml

FROM Guardian

WHAT The cream from a trusted skincare brand keeps your baby’s skin at a healthy 5.5 pH level while offering reliable relief from diaper rash. Free from harmful substances like formaldehyde, it’s suitable for the most sensitive skin.

PROS. Smells good and has a thick consistency ― a smidgen goes a long way. 

CONS None.

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