Being mobile is an exciting development for your tot, and this is what she learn from her new perspective...

When baby starts moving

Baby crawling

Learning to move opens the door to a whole new era of discovery for your tot. And once she finds her way around, she won’t stop! Now she needn’t wait for you to bring the world to her - she can go off and discover it herself.

Being mobile stimulates her physical skills and boosts her social and intellectual development. She can follow you about, absorbing what you do to copy later.

The world looks very different for your baby once she’s upright. It’s important to give her freedom to explore, so make the house a safe place to move around.

Home-grown Fun

Your home is one big playground for your tot. Getting down to her level will help you share her perspective. Take the sofa, for example. You don’t think twice about flopping on to it, but clambering up takes monumental brain and muscle power for your baby. She’ll try again and again until, one day, she masters it.

There are similar challenges all over the house. Handles double as supports, your bed is a trampoline and the stairs are like Everest.

Don’t be cross if your tot goes off-limits - she doesn’t understand why she mustn’t touch the oven or chew your CDs. Be rigorous in your safety-proofing and move anything precious out of reach.

Being mobile can also have a big impact on your tot’s behaviour. Many babies are more contented as a result. Others become frustrated, always wanting to achieve more than they’re able. The more your tot practises, the better she’ll get, so help her master the challenges around her.

Your baby’s newfound independence is exciting for her, but separation anxiety can kick in. Being able to move without your help is a reminder that you’re two separate people. It’s a testing phase, but plenty of attention will reassure her.

Finally, your baby learns with all her senses, so being outside is a great way to fire her curiosity. Let her walk outdoors. Yes, it’s slow, but it’s good exercise for her body and mind. Happy exploring!

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