BUYER’S GUIDE 7 best laundry detergents for baby

Effective in cleaning and gentle on bubba’s skin. We’ve narrowed down some detergents that does just that!


Keep bubba’s clothes soft and comfortable after every wash!

          When choosing detergent for your child, look out for those that are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and gentle on skin — especially important if bubba has sensitive skin. And of course the laundry detergent also has to be effective in cleaning off those ever-occurring stains!

          Here are some detergents we have gathered that fit the requirements.


1) Babyganics 3x Laundry detergent, Fragrance Free

PRICE $39.29 (including shipping)

FROM Amazon 

WHAT A plant-based formula that is effective in removing all sorts of stains, this product is also free of any allergenic ingredients. This is especially useful for kids with sensitive skin. It is also dermatologist- and pediatrician-tested. Another plus is that this product comes in two different forms, fragrance-free and lavender scented!

PARENTS SAY Gentle and effective (in cleaning), this detergent is perfect for our tester’s baby’s sensitive skin.


2) Kodomo, Nature Care

PRICE $8.50 (1L pack)

FROM Cold Storage

WHAT With a pH-balanced formula that is clinically proven to be safe for your precious one’s skin, this detergent will also effectively remove milk, urine, food and faecal stains. It leaves your baby swaddled in clothes that are clean, soft and a pleasant smelling.  

PARENTS SAY Pleasantly scented and perfect for our tester’s baby’s eczemic skin.


3) Kodomo Extra Care

PRICE $5.95 (current offer)

FROM FairPrice

WHAT Similar to Kodomo Nature Care, this detergent has a pH-balanced formula that will effectively clean bubba’s clothes while being gentle on both his skin and clothes. But Kodomo Extra Care also has an added benefit of rosemary extract, which will protect bubba’s clothes from odours caused by bacteria. 

PARENTS SAY Our tester was won over with its effectiveness in removing stains and the pleasant smell was a definite plus!

Read on to find out about other detergents available in our local supermarkets…  

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