Before you sing your sweetie to sleep, make sure you’ve taken all the necessary precautions to keep her safe…


When your little bundle of joy first arrives into the world she’ll be sleeping a lot the first eight weeks. Full-term babies sleep for about 16 to 18 hours, while preemies snooze some 20 hours a day.

Sleep is vital for infants as it restores brain and body function, while boosting their developmental and mental growth. Besides, the journey to the world outside was a long and arduous one for your peewee, so it only makes sense that she’s resting and recharging during the initial weeks.

Nap times may seem easy, but take note of how and where you put your little one to sleep. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) ― every parent’s nightmare ― is the leading cause of death in babies under 12 months. The National University of Singapore, which saw three such cases in 2014, treats up to 20 young children and babies a year for sleep-related accidents.

So, make sure you take every preventive measure to ensure that your sweetie’s siesta is as safe as possible…

Babies-7-crib-safety-rules-to-follow2Babies-7-crib-safety-rules-to-follow3 (1)

Infographic: Lim Jae-Lynn

1. Laying her on her back lets her draw air in easily. Plus, babies who sleep on their backs are less likely to choke on vomit than those who sleep on their sides or tummies.

2. Also take note of the slats ― the gap between each bar. It shouldn’t be more than six centimetres apart to ensue bub doesn’t get her arm, leg or worse yet, neck caught between them.

3. Be careful to never fall asleep with baby on a couch or rocking chair because you risk dropping her when you’re in deep sleep.

4. Infants may trap their hands and feet in crib bumpers or get suffocated by blankets and stuffed toys when these accidentally fall on her face.

5. Dress bubba in light sleep clothing, such as a onesie and keep her warm by swaddling properly or using an age-appropriate sleep sack.

6. Older babies can also use the curtains to pull themselves up, then fall out of the crib or through the window.

7. Make sure that any gaps between the crib and mattress are no larger than a two-finger spacing as bubba can get stuck in that space.

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