Save bubba’s skin from getting bitten by nasty mosquito with one of these bug-repelling plants!

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With the year-end rainy season ahead, you may start seeing more pesky mozzies in your home.

Besides the annoying itch from the bites, you also worry about the diseases that these bugs may carry ― such as Zika and dengue ― especially if you have little ones at home.

While many products on the market keep mosquitoes at bay, you may want to protect your family further by introducing mosquito-repelling plants in your home.

These not only ward off unwelcome insects and improve your home’s aesthetics, they also help purify the air.

What’s not to love about such beneficial greenery ― scroll through the photo gallery to find out more!

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#1 Rosemary

About the plant This multi-purpose plant doesn’t just add flavour to your dishes, it’s also a fantastic mosquito repellent. Put the pot of rosemary in your living area, or place cuttings in vases around your home. As a fragrant add-on, heat some rosemary stems in your oven to let the perfume permeate your home.
Where to buy Rosemary plants are available at Sinflora for $10 a pot.
Care tips Rosemary thrives in warm and humid environments, not in cold weather. You don’t need to water it much, and make sure that your soil drains easily. Prune the plant regularly, so it doesn’t look overgrown, and save the cuttings for your next growth season. 

#2 Mint

About the plant All types of mint contain aromatic properties that mozzies dislike. It’s also useful to have around the house, since you can use the leaves in various dishes, and even in drinks. How about flavouring your iced water with a slice of lemon and a mint sprig… yum! Crush the leaves to release the scent.
Where to buy Candy Floriculture stocks mint plants at $8 a pot.
Care tips Mint is easy to grow, but its roots invade other plants, so give the herb its own pot and prune regularly. It requires moderate sunlight ― morning sun suffices, then move the plant into the shade in the afternoon. Keep your mint plant moist, and don’t let it dry out. 

#3 Lavender

About the plant Thanks to natural essential oils, lavender has a lovely fragrance. Thankfully, mosquitoes aren’t fans of this scent, preferring to stay away from it. Rub the plant on your skin to release its oils.
Where to buy You can buy Ajuga Mona Lavender plants in pots for $8 at Sinflora.
Care tips This breed of lavender doesn’t do well when it’s too hot, so keep it in the shade, like you kitchen counter, or on a bookshelf. You’ll need to water it regularly, or you can use ice cubes to bring its temperature down. Prune it to encourage it to bloom. 

#4 Basil

About the plant Basil has a strong mozzie-repelling scent. A 2009 study also showed that basil essential oil is toxic to mosquito larvae, as planting some basil near a water source such as a pond can help control the mozzie population.
Where to buy Noah Garden Centre stocks Sweet Basil plants for $12.90 a pot.
Care tips This plant, which thrives in moist but well-drained soil, requires at least six hours of sun daily. Water the plant at its base, and not all over the leaves. Don’t over water, as this can cause the roots to rot. 

#5 Lantana

About the plant Mozzies dislike bright and vibrant colours, so it will stay away from the Lantana plant. They also dislike the Lantana flower’s scent, which by the way, is toxic, so keep your Lantana plant in a hanging basket by a window, to ensure that your munchkins don’t get their hands on them.
Where to buy Get Lantana at Noah Garden Centre for $10.50 a pot.
Care tips Lantanas love warm temperatures, so these are likely thrive in our climate. They don’t need very much watering ― once or twice a week will suffice. Prune your lantana regularly to keep it bushy and full.

#6 Lemon Balm

About the plant Also known as horsemint, lemon balm’s scent wards off mosquitoes. Do note, however, that it can attract pollinators like bees and butterflies!
Where to buy Noah Garden Centre sells pots of Lemon Balm for $9.80 each.
Care tips Lemon balm is easy to grow, and rather quickly, too! Thriving in moist, well-drained soil, it can tolerate a large range of climates. Prune it regularly and water at least once a day.

#7 Citronella

About the plant Also known as the Mosquito plant, this member of the pelargonium family is prized for its mosquito-resisting citron scent. Need an instant repellent before you head out? Just crush some leaves and rub them on your skin.
Where to buy Candy Floriculture stocks citronella plants at $10 a pot.
Care tips The plant needs at least 6 hours of sunlight every day, so place it near a window or the balcony. Water it when the soil feels dry, probably once in two days. 

#8 Marigolds

About the plant Marigolds have bright and beautiful flowers that repel mozzies who don’t like the smell of the plant. Place the Marigold plant near the entrance to your home, or near other entry points like balconies and windows.
Where to buy Get a pot of marigold from Noah Garden Centre for $8.99.
Care tips Marigolds love the sun and will produce beautiful blooms when there is enough sunshine. Keep the soil consistently moist but well drained. Water at the base of the plant, not the top, so that it doesn’t get soggy.