How to make weaning a pleasant experience for you and your little one.

Make weaning fun

Here are more ways to make feeding an enjoyable occasion for both you and your cherub.

Practice makes perfect

Don’t worry if food comes straight back out on a first attempt at spoon-feeding. Your baby just needs more practice to learn to move his tongue backwards instead of pushing it forward in order to swallow his food.

Try the blending trick

If your baby refuses a particular food, don't give up. Try combining the new flavour with one of his favorite foods – start by mixing the two together and gradually reduce the amount of his favourite one.

Harness peer pressure

Get your little one to try new foods by offering them while in a group. Hopefully, when your baby sees the other child reaching out for something, he'll want to have a go at it.

Soothe with music

If things get chaotic during feeding time, play some classical music to create a calm environment. It can also distract your baby and help you get a spoon of food he's resistant to into his mouth without him realising — he may end up liking the food after all.

Mix up your own yoghurt

"Many brands have lots of sugar and not much fruit," says Gerri Lim, 32, mum to Elisa, 7 months. "I make my own using full-fat yoghurt and flavour it with fruit puree."

Balance a sweet tooth

Most babies prefer sweeter tastes, but it's important to offer savoury foods first — if your baby sees grapes lying around, he'll never eat his broccoli. Try blending vegetables with some fruit puree to sweeten it, or offer less-bitter vegetables, such as pumpkin and sweet potato.

Get to grips with solids

However messy, encourage your baby to touch all foods — yep, even soft, runny ones like yoghurt. To raise and encourage adventurous eaters, it’s important that he learns to recognise and adapt to different flavours and textures.

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