Fab form and great function ― your cool kid will surely dig these top-of-the-class, yet functional carriers.


School is in session ― have you gotten your kiddo a bag that does a first-rate job? You know what we mean ― does his backpack keep his bits and pieces in place, while ensuring that junior doesn’t strain his back or shoulders?

By the way, a good-looking and roomy backpack that’s sturdy can also double as a weekend carrier to hold a water bottle, a change of clothes and your mini-me’s favourite remote-control vehicle while he’s on the go. Secret tip: Find a bag your mini-me will fall in love with and he will be eager to carry it at all times ― which means you won’t have to!

If you’re still on the lookout for the ideal backpack for your little one, take a look at our picks…


Satch by Ergobag

Price $244
From Fishpond
What This German-made ergonomically designed backpack literally takes the weight off your school-going kid’s shoulders, thanks to optimal weight distribution. With two aluminium rails for stability, the bag also features a padded waist strap to take any strain off the back. Besides an adjustable back panel and chest straps to cater to your child’s measurements, several cleverly-designed compartments inside hold everything neatly. Available in cheery hues and cute plaid designs.
Parents say Notes dad-of-two Tim Cheng, 35, “The many compartments make sure files and books are not tossed around and the design is constructed for children's backs ―nothing that pinches or comes up too high in the neck. Very comfortable to carry.”


SkipHop Boys' Forget-Me-Not 3 Piece Backpack Set

Price From US$40 ($55)
From Amazon
What These delightful animal-themed backpacks (think dinosaurs, bee and giraffes) are sure to be a hit with both boys and girls. This three-piece set includes a backpack, an insulated lunch bag and a reflective clip-on keychain. The backpack has a top flat carrying handle with dual adjustable shoulder straps, a clear front zip pocket, plus two side mesh slip pockets on the outside. The flat base keeps the bag upright at all times, while inside, two large compartments inside has enough room to hold all of juinor’s belongings, including the insulated lunch bag.
Parents say “It’s very spacious and deep. The cool thing about the zip compartment in front is that it is actually transparent, so I can see whatever is inside. It also has a water bottle net holder at the side,” says Steven Kumar, 40, dad to two boys.



Stuck on You Gelati Collection mini-backpack

Price $55.96
From Stuck On You
What Famous for keeping super-organised mums, dads and kids in check with their personalised name labels, Stuck on You recently started offering backpacks with the launch of its Gelati Collection. The collection features the mini-backpacks that are perfect for weekend outings. They come in three refreshing colours ― dusky blue, flamingo pink and seafoam green. You can even customise the bag (choose your colour, design and font). Has a small zipper section in the front, shoulder straps, a hang hook and full waterproof lining.
Parents say “An excellent product, perfect for carrying lightweight things. The shoulder straps are also well padded,” notes Michelle Kok, mum to twin girls.


Lassig 4Kids Backpack Wildlife Elephant

Price From US$8.99
From Amazon
What This “wild” collection of colourful backpacks come in vibrant green, blue, magenta and orange and boast adorable illustrations of animals. Made of polyester, the bag has a large main compartment, zip pockets and a chest strap to balance the distribution of weight. By the way, a portion of the proceeds from these bags go to the Momella Foundation in Tanzania to support education and entrepreneurship.
Parents say Kok notes, “I love the chest strap because it keeps the bag from slipping sideways and it also makes my son feel more comfortable when carrying it. The prints are very cute.”


Impact Ergo-Comfort Spinal Support Backpack

Price From $149
From Ergoworks
What This home-grown brand produces children’s backpacks with ergonomic spinal protection. Available in trendy colours, the bags are much lighter than the usual kid’s backpacks and have a good amount of soft padding on the back for extra protection. The bag is also contoured to fit junior’s back arch perfectly and features a chest strap for added support. Inside, several separate compartments keep everything neatly, so you can easily locate your stuff.
Parents say “School-going kids carry a lot of books these days. Since this bag is made to fit the body snugly, it doesn’t put a lot of stress on my son’s back and shoulders,” says mum-of- three Sharon Simon.

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