If your children are struggling in their studies, consider one of these reputable tuition centres with experienced educators, solid track records and teaching styles that cater to different needs.

We can all agree that students shouldn’t be pressured into getting straight As. That being said, there’s no denying they could benefit from good tuition − especially if they’re falling behind and you don’t have the know-how to support them at home. 

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of solid tuition centres in Singapore. When searching for a suitable one, be sure to check their credentials and ensure it is MOE-registered. You may also want to do some research about the curriculum, teaching styles and how experienced the tutors are. Talking to other parents who have enrolled their children there is recommended as well. 

After all, tuition programmes can be a huge financial commitment, so ensure you don’t make a snappy decision. If the centres offer a trial period, it’ll be a good way to see if it fits your little one’s learning needs too. 

With so many tuition providers out there, we’ve done the legwork and rounded up top tuition centres in Singapore.

The Learning Lab

One of the most well-known tuition centres in Singapore, The Learning Lab has been in the business for over 18 years. They’ve got the track record to back them up too. In 2020, 85% of their students achieved A*/As across all subjects, with 45% having achieved a T-score of 250 and above. 

Over 50 specialists research and design new lesson materials each week, featuring engaging topics so your child enjoys learning. All teachers also have to undergo a stringent selection process and 270 hours of in-house training in MOE examination guidelines, lesson planning and marking. You can rest easy knowing that they’ve the skills to help your child excel.

- Subjects and levels taught: English, Mathematics and Science. Lessons cater to pre-school, primary, secondary and junior college students. 
- Location: Multiple branches in the central, east and west of Singapore.  

AGrader Learning Centre 

Established in 2013, AGrader Learning Centre is one of the most comprehensive tuition centres chains in Singapore with over 15 convenient locations islandwide.

To date, AGrader has impacted over 20,000 students with an over 83.4% improvement rate (without pre-selecting students). Check out their hundreds of reviews at https://www.agrader.sg/reviews

Along with regular weekly lessons, AGrader also provides the proprietary EverLoop Improvement System, where students have access to extra worksheets, comprehensive learning videos & can attend as many extra revision sessions as is required (in-person or from home) to revise and improve after class.

On top of that, complimentary with all enrolments, students have unlimited access to extra learning resources of up to 3 previous levels (e.g. P6 student receives everything from P3/P4/P5 too) to help them revise and improve even more. This includes everything from worksheets, exam-oriented questions and learning videos!

- Subjects and levels taught: K1 & K2: English & Math | Primary 1 to 6: English, Math, Science, Creative Writing | Secondary 1 to O-Levels: English, Math (E-Math & A-Math)

- Location: 15 branches in West, North, Central, North-East and East: https://www.agrader.sg/locations 

Brain Matter Tuition 

Small class sizes are the name of the game at Brain Matter Tuition. No more than 5 students are enrolled in each class, so teachers can give each one personal attention. Knowing the important role that parents play in a child’s learning journey, prompt feedback is also given regarding your child’s progress.

The centre also seeks to build a positive and fun culture that engages students, and equips them with essential life skills like confidence, critical thinking and character excellence. Their curriculum specialists have numerous years of teaching experience, and many are NIE-trained with experience in mainstream schools.

- Subjects and levels taught: English, Chinese, Higher Chinese, Mathematics, General Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Literature, Geography and Social Studies. Lessons cater to primary, secondary and junior college students.
- Location: 2 branches in Bishan.

Future Academy 

This tried-and-tested centre is well-reviewed amongst parents In fact, 80% of students are enrolled through word of mouth. Future Academy is helmed by Ms Chen, a former teacher from Raffles Girls School and a well-established top tutor in math and physics. Another well-regarded tutor from the centre is Mr Lau Hock Soon, previously Head of Department of mathematics at Hwa Chong Institution. 

The centre’s small class sizes have contributed to its success too, with a student- teacher ratio below 6:1. Notes and worksheets are prepared for every lesson based on each students' progress, with differentiated learning to cater to their learning ability. 

- Subjects and levels taught: English, Mathematics, General Science, Chinese, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics and General Paper. Lessons cater to primary, secondary and junior college students. 
- Location: Two branches at Bugis and Bukit Timah, with a third centre opening in Braddell. 

Mavis Tutorial Centre 

Having been around since 1986, Mavis Tutorial Centre is one of the most established tuition centres in Singapore. You’re also spoiled for choice when it comes to the number of outlets - there are 16 in total. 

Many of the centre’s full-time tutors are ex-school teachers, with tons of experience in their respective fields. They’re also willing to go the extra mile for students, by conducting extra lessons before major examinations. Additionally, students are challenged with quizzes based on the current syllabus, and engaged through hands-on science experiments. No mundane rote-learning here! 

- Subjects and levels taught: English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese and Writing. Lessons cater to primary, secondary and junior college students. 
- Location: 16 branches in the east, west, north-east and north of Singapore. 

One. Tuition Place

Founded in 2011, One. Tuition Place is helmed by Mr Ong, an NUS mechanical engineering graduate with more than 15 years of teaching experience. What separates them from other centres is their ad-hoc tuition programme, for students unable to commit to regular weekly lessons. They can still book a tuition slot and seek clarifications on a particular topic or subject. 

The centre also conducts June holiday revision classes − known as Power Up classes. Here, students can learn exam smart tips, revise existing topics and gain confidence to tackle challenging new ones. 

- Subjects and levels taught: English, Mathematics, General Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Combined Science, Geography, Social Studies, Economics, General Paper and Principles of Accounting. Lessons cater to primary, secondary and junior college students. 
- Location: One branch at Kovan. 

Aspire Hub

One of the most renowned tuition centres in Singapore, Aspire Hub has been around for 20 years, and offers an extensive range of subjects in line with the latest MOE syllabus. The brand is also a trusted partner of many local and overseas schools, providing both academic and non-academic training to more than 10,000 students and teachers yearly.

We like that it offers a free 1-hour trial for new students too. This way, students can get a feel of the learning environment and see if the teacher is a good fit. The centre also focuses on personal development and enhancement of a student’s vocational skills, with small class sizes so teachers can address individual needs.

- Subjects and levels taught: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, History, Literature, Chinese, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Principles of Accounting, Geography and General Paper.  Lessons cater to primary, secondary and junior college students. 
- Location: 13 branches in the east, north-east, west, central and south of Singapore. 


What sets EduKate apart is its inclusiveness and diversity. Fellow students and tutors are particularly welcoming to newcomers, with teaching techniques tailored to each individual student. 

The tutors themselves come from all ethnicities, and are university graduates, undergraduates and industry professionals. They’re qualified to teach children of all backgrounds and skill levels, and rigorously follow the curriculum laid out by MOE. Teachers also make a conscious effort to clear all doubts, and teach students the marking scheme so they know exactly where marks are awarded and how to answer questions well. 

- Subjects and levels taught: English, Mathematics, Science and Creative Writing. Lessons cater to primary and secondary students. 
- Location: Three branches at Orchard, Punggol and Yishun. 

Stag Match Tuition Centre

If you want to raise a future-ready child, Stag Match Tuition Centre can help. Set up in 2001, the centre was founded with the aim of helping students gain a competitive edge in today’s knowledge-based economy.

Apart from regular tuition classes in subjects like English, math and science, the centre offers various enrichment courses on cool topics like robotics and coding. These are designed to teach kids STEM, computational thinking and computer programming in a hands-on manner. You can also choose from fun enrichment courses designed by Science Centre Singapore. Courses cater to primary school students and teach them fundamental science concepts. 

- Subjects and levels taught: Creative English, Mathematics, Life Science, Chinese, English & Chinese Creative Writing. Also, enrichment courses in Robotics, Coding and Science. Tuition classes cater to primary and secondary students.
- Location: 12 tuition/learning centre branches in the east, north, north-east, central and west of Singapore. 

Mind Stretcher

Mind Stretcher has a reputation for producing results. More than 5,000 of its students have scored at least 250 in the PSLE, and more than 500 qualified for the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) through the centre’s Primary 1 to 3 GEP Prep Lab classes. It was founded by Kristie Lim, a trained accountant and lawyer who also holds a certificate in early childhood education.

Its Chinese-language programmes are particularly strong too. Lessons at the early primary stage are designed to help kids develop a strong foundation in Hanyu Pinyin, and acquire fundamental linguistic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The centre also has a handy e-study Buddy feature, which grants parents access to teaching materials based on the MOE syllabus. 

- Subjects and levels taught: English, Mathematics, Science, Creative Writing and Chinese. Lessons cater to primary and secondary students, as well as K1 and K2 students entering primary school in future. 
- Location: 19 branches in the north, north-east, west, east and central Singapore.  

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