Helping junior settle on an ambition? Ensure it isn’t one that’ll be replaced by technology…


Needless to say, advancements in technology has changed the way we live our lives in more ways than one. Just think of how many times your tech-savvy tween has groaned about the lack of Wi-Fi in public spaces. And that’s just one in their list of many first-world problems.

Technology has changed the needs of a generation, and the same drastic changes can be said of the types of jobs available and the skills needed to land them.

The internet removes barriers allowing everyone access to markets that aren’t restricted by geographical boundaries, qualifications or cultures.

In fact some of the jobs we have come to know and appreciate today could become obsolete within your young’un’s lifetime. There are two vital reasons why the internet is affecting jobs of today:

·Automation Think about how seamless sales transactions are online. Everything is automated based on the information you provide, at the click of a button. That’s thanks to the ability of machines and applications to make decisions based on user provided information, without any humans intervening in the process.

·Creating an even playing field The internet removes barriers allowing everyone access to markets that aren’t restricted by geographical boundaries, qualifications or cultures. It allows for seamless collaboration and connections to be made between individuals who are on opposite sides of the world in real time – all without the need for a middle-man.

It is also because of these two reasons that the following five jobs are likely to disappear within junior’s lifetime:

1) Telemarketers

Data protection laws and initiatives like the Do Not Call Registry set up by the Personal Data Protection Commission has made it tougher for telemarketing companies to ring up individuals to sell products. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have also allowed sales teams to explore more cost-effective methods to reach their target audiences.

2) Postmen

Sending slow mail used to be the (only) way to keep in touch with relatives who were living half the world away from us. The internet and a bevy of smartphone applications like Whatsapp and Skype has enabled us to get almost instantaneous replies from each other. Plus, more and more companies are bucking the trend to go green and choosing to go paperless. You can even arrange for your bills to be emailed or viewed online.


3) Travel Agents

Travel blogs and guides are a dime a dozen these days. It isn’t difficult for you to plan an itinerary that suits your preference. And if you’re out for a bargain, you’d have bookmarked price aggregator sites like Trivago and Expedia. Price aggregator sites are websites that help you compare the prices of a product (like the price of a plane ticket) or service (like a hotel booking fee) across different retailers and service providers, making it easier for you to sniff out the best deals.

4) Newspaper reporters

Websites offering free news services like Today and Channel NewsAsia mean that we are less reliant on newspapers as the only way to inform ourselves. The ease of access we all have to the internet allows us to build a holistic understanding of the day’s news from a wide variety of sources. Facebook and Twitter has also overtaken the newspaper’s role in telling you what everyone’s talking about and at a much faster pace. The decline in revenue from print advertising also makes sustaining a printing press no longer be a viable business model. The reporters of today will eventually become digital writers or web-content producers of tomorrow.

But how can you help your child succeed in a future that you aren’t too sure about?

5) Real-estate sales agents

There is a growing number of online platforms — like Direct Home and Snappy House — that allow both buyers and sellers to complete sales transactions without go through an agent. That means being able to avoid paying commission and administrative fees to the middle man. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have also allowed users to advertise their property listings at little, or no cost.

Getting future employment

Education is your kiddo’s best bet in preparing for the jobs of the future — not just in terms of his academic qualifications but his skills, too. And as parents, you play an instrumental role in guiding him to achieve his ambitions. But how can you help your child succeed in a future that you aren’t too sure about?

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