Your lives will be forever changed once baby joins the household, so make the most of this before-baby time!

Planning to have a child is a big decision. Your little one will be your responsibility from here on, and you’ll have to dedicate a big chunk of your time to him. When you reckon that you are ready for a mini-me, make sure to give yourselves one last hurrah and enjoy the things that will be tough to do once you’re pregnant or a parent.

So, take a look at these must-dos and design your own #couplegoals before baby comes along:

1. Visit your dream destination
For one last time, organise a vacay with your significant other and treasure your alone time. Kill two birds and use this time to indulge in babymaking activities, too. Once baby comes along, it will be almost impossible to organise an escapade, even for couple of days. Even if you manage to find someone who’s game to tackle babysitting bubba over this period, would you be able to go through with your grand plan and leave him behind? Let’s face it, junior will constantly be at the back of your mind, so you won’t be able to immerse yourself fully in the experience. You might even find yourself calling home several times a day, just to check on how he is doing!

2. Dress up for a fancy date night
Once your kewpie is here, the only dates you can look forward to are late night “get-togethers” at home with him. Why bother to put on something swish when you’re lavishing attention on a slobbery baby that drools all over you? So, make sure to gussy up for date nights with your spouse while you still can. Take pictures of both of you looking fleek and save it for those inevitable spit-covered days when looking at pix of these pre-baby days makes you feel good. Maybe it will motivate you to put on something other than yoga pants.

3. Take loads of pictures
The moment your munchkin arrives, pictures of him will likely take up all your phone’s memory. Who can help it when he looks so adorable all the time? So before that happens, make sure to take loads of pictures of hubby and you. Take those pictures anywhere, anytime! You can be out on a fancy date, doing something silly, or just lazing about in pyjamas at home, but these pictures will become cherished memories in the future. You can even show these candid snaps to your kids when they are older!

Once your kewpie is here, the only dates you can look forward to are late night “get-togethers” at home with him.

4. Go on a movie binge
Stay up with the husband and binge watch all your favourite movies and dramas on Netflix. Of course you can still do this after giving birth, but be prepared for hourly disruptions from a crying baby or a tot who refuses to stay in bed.

5. Stay up the entire night
No, not just to party and drink. Clubbing aside, Singapore offers countless fun late-night activities like scrummy supper spots, LED kite-flying, night cycling, stargazing and many more! Seize this opportunity to connect with your loved one when most people are fast asleep.


6. Start saving up
Having a baby won’t only drain your energy, but your wallet, too. You can create a joint savings account with your partner for rainy days, or find other creative methods to save money. For example, save all the $5 notes that come into your possession, or take a page from Carl and Ellie from the Disney movie, Up, and drop spare change in a savings jar at home whenever you walk past it. The extra money will also come in handy when you need to buy milk powder, diapers and baby clothing!

7. Host a dinner party
Invite mutual friends over for dinner and drinks because it will be difficult to meet them as much as you want to once a baby is part of the equation. All your time will be spent taking care of him, and you won’t be in the mood to clean the house, dress up, cook and host guests. The next time you have a gathering in your house would most probably be when your little charmer celebrates his first-month party.

As workout partners, you can motivate each other. Not only will you be rewarded with a healthier and fitter body, it’ll aid conception, too.

8. Work out together
What better to spend quality time together than by keeping fit? As workout partners, you can motivate each other. Not only will you be rewarded with a healthier and fitter body, it’ll aid conception, too. Plus, exercising helps you maintain a healthy body, which is good to have throughout your pregnancy, since it’ll help you ward off annoying issues like backache. Exercise can help ease labour as well.

9. Sleep in whenever you can
Sleep in and snuggle up to your man as much as you can. After baby comes along, your sleep and wake times will be determined by your tyke. You’ll surely miss those days when you could wake up late without having to worry about diaper changes and baby’s feeds.

10. Go for a concert or a festival together
With so many local and international acts and festivals coming to Singapore, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you prefer English rock bands, a theatrical production music festivals or even K-pop, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to attend a gig or two with your spouse. Scream and jump around in the mosh pit as wildly as you want, because you won’t be able to do so once you have a sleeping baby in your arms.

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