Take a look at your child’s class photo. How many of the kids are wearing glasses? We’ll bet it’s up to half the class. That’s because Singapore has one of the world’s highest rates of myopia.

Best tips to wear glasses and contact lenses

Wearing spectacles

Here are some useful tips your child should follow on wearing spectacles.

a. Insist they use both hands to put on or remove their spectacles.

b. Remind them not to place their spectacles downwards on the table or other surfaces as this will scratch the lenses.

c. Get your child to wash their spectacles at least once a day or whenever they are dirty, using soap and water, then wiping them clean with a soft cloth.

d. If they are not using their spectacles, keep them in the spectacle case. Do not place spectacles in pockets where it may fall out or get bent out of shape.

e. If they cannot see clearly even with their spectacles, or if they have any pain in the eyes, headaches, dizziness or vomiting, their spectacles may not be right for them and need to be changed as soon as possible.

Wearing contact lenses

Get your child to practise these tips when wearing contact lenses.

a. Make sure they learn the correct handling of their contact lenses from their optician or optometrist.

b. Always wash hands before handling their contact lenses.

c. Clean their contact lenses daily with the method taught to them.

d. Keep fingernails short to avoid scratching their contact lenses.

e. Do not wear contact lenses if there is discomfort or redness in their eyes.

f. Use lubricating eyedrops whenever they feel their eyes are dry.

g. Always keep a spare pair of spectacles with them in case they are unable to wear their contact lenses.

Let your children know how important it is to practise good eye care habits. Remind them to take regular vision breaks and limit the duration of continuous near work.

By taking active steps to ensure good eye habits, you can delay the onset of myopia or reduce its progression.

This article was first published on Health Promotion Board.

Photo: INGimage/ClickPhotos