Lactation consultant Fonnie Lo has top tips on selecting milk bottles.

How to choose the right bottle

Choose the teat

Two types — silicone and latex — are available. Silicone is synthetic and firmer, more durable and less affected by temperature. Latex is natural, softer, more flexible, but wears out faster than silicone ones. Also, some babies may be allergic to latex.

Ease of cleaning

Choose bottles that can be easily cleaned with a bottle brush. To eliminate germs, sterilise milk bottles till baby is at least 4 to 6 months old. Wash bottles, retaining rings, caps and teats (turn inside out) thoroughly with soapy water, then rinse well before sterilising. To sterilise, you can boil, use an electrical steam steriliser, a microwave or a chemical solution.

Ensure an adequate supply

If offering babies expressed breastmilk, have six to 12 bottles on hand — half that are small (120ml) and the remainder in larger (about 250ml) sizes. Discard bottles that are discoloured, have scratches and cracks, or are sticky. You should change the teats every one to two months.

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