You’ve always vowed that your peewee will NOT hooked on their gadgets and limited screen time for junior.


But as your little one gets older, you begin to realise that it’s near impossible ― and not to mention unrealistic ― to keep those devices from him.


Indeed, many schools give homework assignments that require junior to go online, so many kids as young as aged 9 or 10 own smartphones, even if it is just a means for them to contact their parents during the day.


So, it is a good idea to set some guidelines for your child.


Shem Yao, head of TOUCH Cyber Wellness, which advocates responsible use of digital technology, says that these guidelines should include the duration of play, the type of games and the consequences of broken agreement. This could mean “the confiscation of the gaming device for a certain duration”, he adds.


For older children ― those above age 9 ― good communication is key. Often times, parents need to reason and explain the need for such boundaries and consequences, Yao notes.


It may also be a good idea for parents themselves to give these mobile games a go.


He says, “It helps parents to know what their children experience when they are playing a game, and understand why a game may seem appealing to their children.”


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