Little ones can use these cool rides indoors and outdoors to stretch their legs and hone their motor skills.

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As your little one grows and becomes more mobile, they will enjoy the excitement that comes with crawling and walking.  At this point, ride-on toys (toys that have wheels and are manually powered) are a great way to keep your kiddo entertained while boosting their overall development. Toys that require your kiddos to move around by pushing it with their legs are not only super fun, but also beneficial in terms of: 

* Improving gross and fine motor skills Junior will need to use his or her hands to hold on to the handle bars while learning to use their legs to kick the ground in order to move about on the ride-on toy. This enhances their hand-eye coordination, too.

* Getting some exercise Your mini-explorer will enjoy moving about freely as he or she explores their surroundings, both indoors and outdoors.

* Gaining a stronger sense of balance As your child figures out how to move from one point to the other using their legs, they will also learn how to find the right balance so that they don’t fall off their toy.

* Engaging their creativity and imagination Different ride-on toys come in different forms — from vehicles like cabs or fire engines to animals like a lion or honey bee. This allows your kiddo to indulge in some pretend play as they zip around like a fireman on a rescue mission!


Top tip – when shopping or assembling ride-on toys, always check that all screws and movable parts are properly secured and that the toy is age appropriate for your little one. Better yet, bring your cherub along for a test drive! But before you start shopping, scroll through our gallery to see our top recommendations…

V-Tech Grow ‘N Go Ride-on

PRICE $79.90

FROM Motherswork

WHAT Suitable for little ones as young as 6 months old, this ride-on can be easily converted into a stationary rocker by flipping the wheels upwards. Once junior is more in control of his movements, turn the rocker back into a ride-on and watch your wee one have a ball of a time. The driver’s panel and steering wheel can also be detached for on-the-go entertainment. Perfect for peewees up to 36 months.

PARENTS SAY Felicia Tan’s 14-month-old son enjoys playing with the steering wheel, which comes with a horn that beeps. The ride-on also has flashing lights and a built-in car phone, which he uses to mimic his dad’s habit of talking on the phone while driving. “He doesn’t really understand the sound effects just yet, but he’s laughing along to it whenever he pushes the buttons, it keeps him entertained,” adds Felicia.

SWING CAR Swivel Slider Ride-on

PRICE $54.13

FROM Lazada

WHAT This ride-on comes with no gears, batteries or pedals so your tyke needs to use his own bodyweight to get it moving. The two blue mini-wheels at the front act as a safety feature to prevent your peewee from tipping forwards or sideways when on the move. Suitable for children aged 3 or older.

PARENTS SAY The ride feels sturdy even on slopes or when navigating tight corners. Sold in separate pieces, but can be easily assembled with a screwdriver and spanner.

Little Tikes’ Cozy Coupe

PRICE $199

FROM Motherswork

WHAT Your munchkin will finally get the chance to get behind the wheel of his own car! This iconic ride-on – which has a rich 30-year-old history behind it – allows your child’s legs to stick out so they can “drive” it independently. If junior wants to be pushed around, fix the floorboard to the bottom so they’ll have to keep their feet up, and attach the handle bar to the back of the toy. The ride-on has a maximum weight limit of 22kg.

PARENTS SAY The attention to detail on this ride-on is impressive says dad Joshua Koh, 39. “It comes complete with an ignition button that clicks and a petrol cap that can be opened and closed to allow ‘refuelling’. My 1-year-old son is so in love with the car even though we’re pushing him most of the time at the moment, but it’s worth every cent.”

Trunki Ride-on Suitcase

PRICE $89.90

FROM Mothercare

WHAT Travelling with little ones is no joke. Which is why this ride-on, which doubles up as a suitcase, will come in mighty handy during your next trip. When closed, the Trunki has a neat seat for your child to get comfy on as she wheels around freely with ease. As a suitcase, the Trunki can hold up 18kg worth of travel necessities. Comes with a five-year guarantee so you’ll be able to get most defects fixed for free.

PARENTS SAY The Trunki fits neatly into the overhead compartment on a plane or can be stowed away under the seat. The attached straps come in handy when your kewpie is tired of pushing it with her legs and needs you to maintain her speed.

Huile Toys’ Rocking Pony Ride-on Rollers with Music

PRICE $67.11

FROM Lazada

WHAT Use it as a ride-on or a rocker, either way this toy promises full-on entertainment for your little one. Push one of three buttons at the back of the pony’s head. One will teach you numbers and the other two about shapes and the alphabet. So, not only will junior have a rockin’ good time, but he’ll also get to sing his favourite nursery rhymes all day long. Suitable for children aged 18 months or older.

PARENTS SAY Thanks to the rocker-rail feature, the ride-on toy continues to stay agile even while stationary. Push the buttons to play fun sounds and songs – even the occasional neighing – to motivate your mini-me to keep moving.

Bentley Continental GT Speed

PRICE $49.90

FROM Mothercare

WHAT This simple manual push car comes with a steering wheel, horn that beeps and a music player. There’s even an under-the-seat storage area for your child to keep his snacks, sunglasses or a hat if he’s riding it outdoors. Suitable for children aged 2 years or older, the car has a weight limit of 23kg.

PARENTS SAY Dad Eric Chan says his 2-year-old son really enjoys playing with this no-frills push toy. “The ride-on is actually a hand-me-down from one of my nephews and despite having being used regularly in the past, the car is still in pretty good condition, so the material is actually quite sturdy.” 

Little Tikes’ Princess Horse & Carriage

PRICE $254

FROM Lamkins

WHAT Let your pint-sized princess live out her dreams of travelling in a horse-drawn carriage with this cool ride-on. It comes with a removable handle bar at the front, so you can pull your little one along on a stroll as she perfects her royal wave. If junior wants to be more independent, remove the floorboard so she can use her legs to manoeuvre her carriage. Comes with a maximum weight limit of 22kg.

PARENTS SAY It looks totally adorable, plus it assembles in a matter of minutes, says mum Kendra Chew. “My 1-year-old daughter loves the hidden storage area at the back of the ride-on because it allows her to pack along her favourite stuffed toys wherever we go.”

Chicco Sit ‘n’ Ride Train

PRICE $63.92

FROM Pupsik

WHAT All aboard the Chicco Sit ‘n’ Ride Train! This brightly-coloured toy allows your child to be a captain of their very own locomotive. It comes complete with lights and sound effects, so it feels like a real train! The buttons on the steering wheel can be removed and used as a stroller or car seat toy, plus the handle bar at the top of the backrest means you have control over your kewpie’s movements at all times. Suitable for children aged 12 months or older.

PARENTS SAY Mum Rachel Ong likes the buttons on the steering wheel which gives her 1-year old a choice between train and animal sounds. “I also like that it comes with a high handle bar on the back, which prevents him from falling backwards especially since he can get quite excited when he’s on the toy.”