Buckle up, because road trips with junior just got a whole lot easier and breezier with these cool contraptions.

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Ask any parent and they will tell you, without missing a beat, that nothing’s more terrifying than being stuck in a car with your little ones.


The endless wailing from the newborn who hates her car seat, or the annoying toddler who keeps flinging his toys around and expects you to pick them up for him, stat. What about trying to break up a sibling fightwhile you’re trying to keep both hands on the steering wheel! Yeah, sister, we’ve all had those days haven’t we? 


Unfortunately, these scenarios won’t magically disappear anytime soon. To ease your travel woes, we’ve handpicked several items your car should have, so that you’ll be better equipped to survive your kiddo’s next car travel catastrophe.


Equally handy on a quick drive to the store and long road trips, scroll through our photo gallery to find out what our top picks are. 


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Benbat Bubble Dream Car Sunshade

PRICE $19.90

FROM Kid on the Move

WHAT Not only are the sun’s rays harmful, your peewee will feel hot and miserable on scorching dayswhen he’s in a searing car. This sunshade filters light and UV rays without restricting junior’s view, so he can watch the world pass while staying cool. If you’re lucky, he might even doze off! If he doesn’t, the natural light coming through the fun-coloured bubbles will entertain your kewpie. Easily attachable, these shades come in oval and square shapes.

PARENTS SAY “My babies love this sunshade, they spend a lot of time staring at it! The suction cups are quite strong. They’ve stayed up since I put them up,” says Nicole Lee, mum to 1-year-old twin boys. (Photo: eBay)

Genie Tray

PRICE $48.80

FROM Qoo10

WHAT Lightweight and easy to install, this sturdy travel tray can support pretty much anything ―  bookssnacks, water bottles and toys ― that’ll keep your fidgety little fella occupied. Made from eco-friendly material, the curved ergonomic shape fits snugly around your sweetie’s waist, while the adjustable strap ensures that the tray “grows” with your child. Since it’s detachable, you can even bring it along with you. Comes in seven different designs and colours. 

PARENTS SAY “The designs are so cute. And it’s firm and easy to secure on the car seat,” notes dad-of-three James Dsouza. (Photo: http://keyirou.pixnet.net)

Munchkin Backseat Organizer

PRICE US$8.60/$11.90

FROM Amazon

WHAT Keep all your baby barang within arm’s reach with this versatile organiser. Spacious pockets come in various sizes and can hold everything including diapers, a change of clothes, wipes, snacks, sippy cups, tissues, books and toys. The universal system fits most seat backs and cleaning is a breeze, thanks to the washable material.

PARENTS SAY “Really handy and convenient, it keeps everything neat, nice and easily accessible. It comes with a top and bottom strap, so it sits flush against the back of the front seat and doesn’t take up too much space,” says mum Farah Ibrahim. (Photo: Amazon)

Merritt Manufacturing Chest Clip Guard for Car Seat

PRICE From US$49.95

FROM Amazon

WHAT This nifty tool should thwart your little Houdini’s next escape attempt from his car seat. Attach it to your existing car seat strap at chest level and junior won’t be able to open it himself, since it requires a “key” to unlock. Use the one that comes with the clip guard or any key you have at hand. So, the next time junior unbuckles his restraints, he’ll still stay securely in his seat, thanks to the clip guard, which means that you can drive with peace of mind! (Photo: Amazon)

PARENTS SAY “I thought it was a bit pricey when I ordered it, but since I started to use it, I can see the value behind it. This chest clip is well made and solid and has been a lifesaver for our 2-year-old who unbuckles his seat all the time,” says dad Ravi Chelliah. (Photo: Amazon)

OEM Car Seat Protector Mat and Kick Mat

PRICE $20.50

FROM Lazada

WHAT Heavy car seats, sticky hands and shoe marks can wreak havoc on your beautiful leather seats. This seat protector and kick mat set should keep your beloved automobile in pristine condition. Place the seat protector below the car seat and hang the kick mat over back of your front seat. The former works well to catch cookie crumbs and drink spills, while bolstering the weight of the car seat, while the latter will make sure your forward-facing little fella’s shoes don’t leave permanent stains.

PARENTS SAY “The mats are easy to remove and the material is easy to wash,” says mum Nicole Lee. (Photo: Lazada)

Close Pop-In Car Seat Protector

PRICE From A$21.95

FROM Mumma Loves Bubba

WHAT Toilet-training a tot? Or have a baby who has explosive poos? Insert this seat protector over your car or booster seat to protect it from any “accidents”. Made from waterproof and stain-resistant material, it fits most car seats easily and even several strollers and high chairs. When it gets dirty, just throw it into the washing machine and it’ll come out looking brand new.  

PARENTS SAY “What I really like is that it has a fleece lining you can detach once an accident happens and continue using the protector,” notes mum-of-one Parvin Kaur. (Photo: Amazon)

Baby Caboodle Backseat Baby Mirror

PRICE US$19.69

FROM Amazon

WHAT A extra-large rectangular mirror that lets you catch glimpses of your rear-facing baby or toddler while you drive. Made of unbreakable plastic, it straps easily and securely onto the headrest and can be adjusted in every direction. The best part? Your peewee can also see you, so they are not only happier, but easier to calm down when they get fussy. 

PARENTS SAY “I bought this mirror for practical reasons, but I didn’t expect my little girl to love it so much. She enjoys looking at herself in the mirror and making funny faces and noises. Travelling has gotten so much easier!” Farah enthuses.  (Photo: Amazon)  

TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount Holder for Smartphone iPhone iPad Mini Tablet

PRICE US$20.99


WHAT This holder will be handy for those days when the kiddos are driving you up the wall with their constant “are we there yet?” questions. Fire up your smartphone, iPhone, iPad or mini-tablet, slip it into the holder (it adjusts to devices of all sizes), then turn on their favourite videos or cartoons. The little ones will be enjoying the entertainment so much, they’ll forget to bug you, which means that you can drive in peace ― everybody wins! 

PARENTS SAY “Sturdy and fits well on the headrest of my car and I like that it can be adjusted to fit devices of all sizes,” says Ravi. (Photo: Amazon)