Great reasons to enjoy your beautiful bump as much as you can before baby joins the family!

One you’re in your last trimester, the heaviness, backaches and swollen limbs can get quite overwhelming.

Many mums starting counting down to the day they can say “hello!” to their little bundles of joy, and of course, so long to the less than delightful aspects of being preggers.

Surprisingly though, there are some things about pregnancy that you’ll actually miss. These “perks” will make you feel that tinge of envy when you a pregnant woman on the street, or make you itch to try for another baby when your little one is a little older.

Don’t believe us? Read on!

1. The doctor visits
Your monthly gynae visits may be expensive, but it’s all so worth it when you hear your baby’s heartbeat and see him on the ultrasound scan. You will wonder at that little nose bridge, and lovingly count his fingers and toes on the screen. You’ll laugh at the apparent thumbs up your baby is giving, and hey, did he just wave?

2. The little kicks and flutters
One of the most amazing points in your pregnancy journey is the “quickening”, or feeling the first movements of your baby in utero. What starts as a light flutter, soon becomes fairly obvious kicks and nudges through the day, reminding you of your very important task of growing a human being! Says mum of three Nurul Yani, “It’s the part of pregnancy that I miss most. I loved it when my babies moved when I talked to them.”

3. Not having to hold it in
If you’ve always been embarrassed about your little muffin top, or, well, larger than average thighs, pregnancy is a time to celebrate your body. No one is going to be saying that you’re putting on too much weight, and you’ve got the best reason not to “suck it in” when you take photos! You’re free to flaunt your new curves in figure-hugging maternity wear and even show off your bump in a bikini at the beach. This is because you’ve told yourself that your licence to flash those killer curves will be revoked (thanks to those pregnancy pooch and stretch marks!) once bubba is born.

You’ve told yourself that your licence to flash those killer curves will be revoked (thanks to those pregnancy pooch and stretch marks!) once bubba is born.

4. The anticipation
Labour pain may sound scary, and you’re not looking forward to breastfeeding, but the excitement and thrill of bringing new life into the world surpasses it all. You’re looking forward to all those incredible little fingers and toes, that lovely baby smell, and introducing the littlest to his older siblings and grandparents. “It’s also the idea of the unknown ― will he have my eyes, or look like husband ― that’s so exciting!” says Constance Lee, mum to Noel, 1, and Natalie, 4.

5. The nesting instinct
That strange urge to reorganise your closet, spring clean the store room, and throw out any dust magnets in your home while you’re pregnant? That’s your nesting instinct kicking in. Expectant mums often feel the urge to get the “nest” ready for their soon-to-arrive sweetie.

While it may seem like a chore, it’s actually something you should appreciate. With a newborn, especially if you are handling a high-need baby, you’ll probably have problems just finding time to answer nature’s call, much less organise the home.


6. How you're treated
Oh, isn't it wonderful how the hubs is at your beck and call, pandering to everything your heart desires (bak chor mee at 2am? ― on!)? At work, your colleagues ask you if they can get you anything, help carry heavy items and the door is always happily held open for you. And what about all those pleasant nods and knowing smiles when you pick up groceries at the store? Yep, mums-to-be always get VIP treatment wherever they go. Savour it now, for you'll soon be a slave to your little one.

7. The boobs
Of all the physical changes you encounter during pregnancy, many women like this most. “I never had any boobs before I got pregnant, so they were a pleasant surprise!” says Lorena Leong, mum to Lionel, 9 months. “Of course, when I stopped breastfeeding at 6 months, I had to say goodbye to both of them, too,” she laughs.

Mums-to-be always get the VIP treatment, wherever they go. Savour it now, for you’ll soon be a slave to your little one.

8. Multipurpose excuse for everything
Late to your client meeting? Lost your keys again? Forgot where you parked? That’s okay, you’re pregnant! Blame it on the mummy brain, the aching feet, and the breathlessness. Everyone understands! Of course, once bubba arrives, you’ll be subject to the regular rules of life, like ordinary human beings. Hmph!

9. The sleep
Sure, getting up to go to the toilet three times in the middle of the night can be a pain when bubba’s resting on your bladder. However, nothing compares to the sleep deficit you’ll have to come to terms with when you have a newborn. Lynn Wee, mum to Sophia, 3 months, wakes around four times a night to soothe her baby girl. “It’s getting better now, but I was so sleep-deprived in the first month, there were times I wish I could just stuff her back into my uterus.”

10. The exclusive bond
Up until the point your baby sees the light of the world, you’ll be the only person who has direct physical contact with him. As you go about your day, it is your movements he’s feeling, and your heartbeat and voice that he’s hearing.

Sure, daddy might sing a little song to your bump every now and then, but it certainly can’t compare to the connection you have with the little person that’s growing inside of you. Leong says, “I remember I would think these precious thoughts to share with Lionel, and I tell him in my mind that it was our little secret!”

Treasure those moments because all too soon, you’ll have to share him with the world!

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