Go smart and simple, or quirky and cool when you’re ready to tell the world about your baby’s impending arrival!

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From the moment you see that positive sign on the pregnancy test, you’ll feel like you want to run out and tell the whole world!

Whether you decide to reveal your pregnancy on social media, or keep it on the lowdown till the first trimester is over, it’s really exciting to announce the glad tidings to family and friends.

We have pregnancy announcement ideas that won’t just make an impact, they’ll spark wonderful memories for years to come.

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1. Use cute baby shoes  

What could more adorable (and telling!) than to display a teensy pair of baby shoes? Line up all the family members (older siblings included), in their favourite kicks. Get creative and use anything from sneakers, flip flops and even gum boots. Of course, the star of the show is the tiniest pair of infant shoes, with an expected due date shown at the bottom of the picture. (Photo: iStock)


2. Use a sibling

Rope in your offspring and make full use of their cuteness to announce that your family is expanding! Some kids are overjoyed by the fact that they’ll soon be an older brother or sister, while others are a little less than pleased, since it marks the end of their only-child status. However they feel, capturing those spontaneous reactions on their faces will be priceless! (Photo: www.mommyofaprincess.com)


3. Use the furkids

This may be your first human child, but before it all began, you’ve always had your loyal furkid by your side. Indeed, looking after your pet pooch might have given you your first glimpse into the world of parenting. So, include your four-legged family member in your baby announcement to give the honour it deserves! American country singer Carrie Underwood did just that when she announced that she was pregnant with her first child ― she showed a photo of herself with her dogs, Ace and Penny, wearing “Big Brother” and “Big Sister” tees. (Photo: https://twitter.com/carrieunderwood)


4. Use the pregnancy test

Your family and friends will surely sit up when they see your positive pregnancy test, so share the excitement you felt when you first saw the double lines after you peed on the stick! Use the actual test stick in the photo and frame it up later ― it’ll make a fantastic addition to your baby keepsake box! (Photo: Kelly Cannon Photography)


5. Show off your math 

Raise some eyebrows when you write out the equation 1+1=3! Post the image on your social media pages and we bet your message inbox and phone will be buzzing with congratulatory messages. We love how an innocent picture like the one above (set against a simple chalkboard background, no less) makes such an impact, yet easily informs everyone you know of what is about to happen in your life! This is also a great idea if you’re expecting twins (1+1=4!) or multiples. (Photo: iStock)


6. Use the ultrasound pictures

Pics or it didn’t happen, right? Well, if anyone doubts you’ve got a bun in an oven, you can prove it to them by showing off your baby’s first pictures ― the ultrasound pictures! The proud parents-to-be could be holding the picture against the expectant mum’s belly, or you could simply make the picture the centrepiece of the announcement, like the one above. (Photo: SugarPickle Designs)


7. Compare it with a “Food Baby”

Has the hub been getting a little thicker around the middle since you’ve been spoiling him with all that amazing homecooked food? Make use of that little paunch (or beer belly) for a hilarious photo opp like the one above. This isn’t just a lighthearted take on a pregnancy announcement, it’s great way to get dads-to-be involved! (Photo: The Small Things Blog)


8. Wear it

Mark your new status as parents-in-waiting with matching couple tees like the ones above. They’re perfect for your pregnancy announcement photos, and you can wear them on your babymoonbaby shower and even when bubba arrives! (Photo: TheGoodLifeTees/Etsy)


9. For the family…

Love those adorable baby onesies? You can easily get customised, with phrases like “Best Grandpa in the World”, or “My aunt spoils me rotten”. Then, take a picture of the onesie and send it to the loved one the phrase refers to for a wonderful surprise! (Photo: GCRDesigns)