‘Tis the season for Christmas fun and games, so let those little hands get busy with these fun crafts!


Christmas is just around the corner and many little ones are spending lots of time at home, now that it’s the year-end holidays.

What better way to get excited about Christmas than the kitchen, why not set up a Christmas-themed sensory play bin for your munchkin. Sensory bins are terrific for tykes because they can improve their fine motor skills by picking up the tiny pieces with their fingers, and practise their hand-eye coordination by scooping and dumping.

If you haven’t set up your Christmas tree, make sure you leave room for customised ornaments made by your toddler ― hand-painted baubles will give your tree a special and personal touch.

While you’re wrapping the presents, set junior down with some washi tape and card stock to design and make his own Christmas cards. And instead of decking the halls with boughs of holly, what about creating your own pompon wreath, or a Christmas tree of shapes.

Check out our infographic and text below for details on materials and instructions!

Infographic: Syahirah Maszaid


Pompon Christmas Wreath

How to: Cut the centre out of the paper plate, leaving a doughnut shape. Let your toddler stick the coloured pompons around the wreath. Tie a red bow and ribbon on the top of the wreath.

Washi Tape Christmas Tree

How to: Cut five strips of washi tape in these lengths: 2cm, 4cm, 6cm, 8cm and 10cm. Stick them in rows on your card stock, shortest at the top and longest at the bottom. Decorate your tree with stickers!


Sensory Play Christmas Bin

How to: Place the dried beans into the box, and add the other materials on top. Then, let junior create his own Christmas scene!


Christmas Tree Of Shapes

How to: Using Blu Tack, stick the three green paper triangles to a wall or on a window, in the shape of a tree. Ask junior to stick the paper shapes all around the tree to decorate it. Place a yellow star at the top.


DIY Baubles

How to: Spray some primer onto the Christmas baubles, so that it’ll be easy to use marker pens to colour them. Once dry, your child’s imagination will take centre stage as he unleashes his artistic flair on the baubles!

Photo: iStock

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