Go green ― upcycle and get your mini-me off her gadgets with this easy-peasy craft project!

Tots- Make it DIY “guitar” [Video]-website

A great way to show your kewpie how he can do his part to slow climate change is by reducing, reusing and recycling at home. You can accomplish these three Rs at once by using discarded materials for craft projects.

You are upcycling an object — giving a useless or unwanted item added value to reduce trash ― when you repurpose it into a plaything or decorative ornament.

Doing your bit for the environment aside, completing DIY projects together is a fantastic way to spend quality one-on-one time bonding with your little one. All you’ll need is a couple of rubber bands, a shoebox, a bread tag and a paper towel roll to create this “mini-guitar”…

As there are a couple of steps that requires you to cut through cardboard pieces with a penknife, do take over when required.

Videography by Paulyn Ng

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