Help your little one avoid danger with these basic rules…

10 rules for stranger safety

One of the important steps in dealing with stranger danger is to practise boundary setting. Here are 10 essential rules you need to share with your kid to help them learn about stranger safety:

1. Never accept gifts or sweets from a stranger.

2. Never go anywhere with a stranger, even if it's to help him find a lost pet.

3. Never accept a lift from a stranger in a car.

4. Never get into a stranger's car, even if it's to give directions.

5. Never give anyone yours or your family's private details, including telephone numbers or your address.

6. It's okay to run and scream if you find yourself in a dangerous situation with a stranger. Run towards brightly lit places with lots of people.

7. Don't play in dark places.

8. Stay in a group and never wander off on your own.

9. Tell someone immediately if anyone — including someone you know — touches you in a confusing or frightening way. No one, including friends and family, should ever ask you to keep kisses, cuddles or touches a secret.

10. It is never too late to get help.

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