Who needs expensive, shop-bought toys? These don’t cost a cent!

10 free playthings for baby

There will be no limits to your baby’s desire to explore and experiment. Providing her with lots of interesting stimuli is one of the most important things you can do to help her development. Encouraging her curiosity - both at home and when you are out and about - will give a host of new experiences for her to learn from. Here are 10 things you can get for her to start playing.

  • A plastic bottle filled with rice.
  • An old computer keyboard - fun for a baby to bash or for a toddler to pretend to type on.
  • A bunch of keys.
  • Tins from the kitchen cupboard arranged into an impromptu shop.
  • Magazines for your baby to tear and toddler to cut up.
  • A scrunchy, rinsed-out crisp packet.
  • Two dining chairs draped with a sheet to make a cosy tent.
  • Remote controls - without batteries!
  • Shells, feathers and pebbles.
  • Kitchen pots and chopsticks for baby to bang on.


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