Learn what your Rat baby’s personality and future outlook will be like, plus, how to deal with your mini-me.

This Rat year marks the start of another 12 year-long Chinese zodiac cycle.

As parents, you can expect your Rat child to be fun, cheeky and sensible, explains feng shui master Jason Liew. Extremely stubborn, junior will also have a warm nature and be blessed with a high EQ.

Explains Liew, who breaks down the three-stage life cycle of a Rat kid, “Just like a newborn mouse, the early stage of their life will befilled with lots of care and concern from people around them. The middle stage will be a training stage that enhances their growth.

“A lot of hard work is needed, but they will benefit from the fruits of their labour. During the later stage, they will be surrounded by loved ones and have the potential to live a long life.”

Famous Rat personalities include the late US President George H W Bush, Prince Harry, actress Scarlett Johansson and Singaporean “Home” singer Kit Chan.

Liew also offers insights on a Rat baby’s characteristics and life prospects, as well as tips for parents on raising Rat offspring.

As parents, you can expect your Rat child to be fun, cheeky and sensible. Extremely stubborn, junior will also have a warm nature and be blessed with a high EQ.

Characteristics of Rat babies

Children born in the Year of the Rat are:

* Clever They are street-smart and flexible enough to resolve problems that might seem hopeless to many. As 2020 is a Metal rat, such kids are also blessed with the expert ability to put their thoughts into action.

* Cheeky Rat children use their cheeky nature to add calm to difficult situations and frequently turn bad situations into positive ones. They also encourage others and boost the morale of the people around them.

* Sensible Rats not only provide their families with sensible and sound advice, their actions reflect this trait. For example, when they observe that their parents are busy working for the sake of the family, they understand the hardships involved and can live in contentment.

* Lazy When it comes to practical and systematic tasks like studying, Rat get bored easily and lack motivation to work hard. Parents will find that junior is frequently unable to sit still for ore than 30 minutes.   

Rat boys versus Rat girls

The major difference between Rat boys and girls is that boys will need more TLC (tender loving care). This is because Rat girls actually possess a stronger character.

Liew explains, “In geomancy, we talk about yin and yang energy ― a boy born this year has more Yin energy, whereas the girl has more Yang energy.”

He addes, “Yang energy symbolises hardness, firmness and impatience, so most Yang kids tend to be stubborn and want their own way.”

To counter this stubbornness, Liew advises parents to enroll these kids in activities that will instil discipline, such as uniformed groups or taekwondo.


Characteristics of Rat parents

Rats parents are usually over-protective of their young. Sometimes, this overprotectiveness may be a burden to their children.

However, since Rats are a water-element animal, Rat parents are quite flexible in their work dealings and relationships.

To extend their lives, Liew advises Rat parents to jog often in the park, as the earth energy they gather from the ground will enhance their stability.

When instructing a Rat child, learn to close one eye and let them have some freedom in choosing their path in life.  A predetermined life for the Rat might not be beneficial as it limits their growth potential.

Tips for parenting Rat babies

Liew has the following advice for parents raising Rat babies:

* Trust and have complete faith in your child.

* When you bring up a Rat child, learn to close one eye and let them have some freedom in choosing their own life path. The life you choose for your Rat kid might not benefit them if it limits their growth potential.

* Although cheeky and fun to be around, Rats need strong emotional support. Similar to when you scare a rat, Rat children will hide and take some time to come out.

* A warm family environment plays an extremely important role in a Rat child’s growing up years.

* Learn to praise your child. The more you encourage them from young, the more likely you’ll nurture a wonderful kid.

2020 Rat predictions

Liew notes that the Rat’s luck cycle will be divided into two different paths this year.

Spring to summer will be challenging with regard to work, wealth and relationships, and Rats should expect lots of turbulence and uncertainty. Autumn, characterised by slow recovery months, will see things coming to a standstill.

However, winter signals growth on the work, wealth and relationship front, although health issues may arise. Liew recommends that Rats look out for lung and respiratory conditions. 

What the future holds for Rat babies

Rat kids tend to lean towards musically-inclined careers and thrive in entertainment and creative-related industries.

They will also fare well in relationships, and experience a significant amount of help from those around them.

Healthwise, Liew stresses that Rats will need to take care of their digestive organs and lungs. Parents should ensure that they feed their Rat kids a balanced diet, so that they remain good health.

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