Instil good manners in junior, then watch proudly as he creates a favourable impression with everyone he meets.

When it comes to talking about manners, it’s common to hear your tween argue that times have changed and “no one cares about it anymore”.

Notes Sharon Tan, mum to Justin, 12, “Especially when I bring up the importance of punctuality even when it’s meeting his friends, my son will just roll his eyes and he’ll complain that being late is acceptable.”

But in this day and age where your young ’uns are so glued to their phones to bother with making eye contact and shaking hands — being polite is even more important than ever.

After all, strangers are more inclined to reciprocate and offer help to someone who observes proper social etiquette. To ensure that your child makes good manners a lifelong habit, teach him the following rules…

Infographic: Rachel Lim


Main photo and illustrations: iStock

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