Don’t take chances with your baby’s sensitive skin ― keep it soft and supple with these strategies.

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A baby’s skin is sensitive and if not properly cared for, is prone to irritation, dryness, chafing and rashes. To prevent your little one from developing skin problems like eczema, here are steps you can take to keep your baby’s skin soft…

1) Don’t bathe him too often

Remember, a newborn’s skin is a lot more delicate than a grown-up’s ― excessive bathing can strip baby’s skin of its natural protective oils, leaving it dry, chaffed, and worse, vulnerable to eczema. Also, use warm water to bathe your baby.

2) Keep skin hydrated

Since your baby’s skin is prone to dryness, keep it as moisturised as possible. Once you finish giving him his bath, gently pat him dry and apply moisturiser immediately to prevent any moisture on his skin from evaporating.

Ensure baby’s clothing is washed before he wears it.

3) Choose clothing with soft, breathable fabrics

All-cotton or soft cotton blends are best for babies. Ensure baby's clothing is washed before he wears it. To avoid irritating his skin, pick “tagless” clothing, where size and washing information is printed on the back of the neck instead of on a label. To ensure your little one’s clothes remain soft and comfy ― use a hypoallergenic fabric conditioner. These are usually specially formulated for delicate and sensitive skin with a mild and gentle fragrance, suitable for the entire family.

4) Choose gentle products

Pick soaps and shampoos specially made for babies. Make sure that such products contain minimal dyes, deodorants, alcohols and other ingredients that can harm your infant’s skin. Also, don't overlook the labels on products for external use, such as your baby’s detergent and fabric conditioners.

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