Try these gentle bedtime activities to ease your munchkin into a restful slumber without any fuss…


Babies are creatures of habit ― their life revolves around eating, playing and sleeping. Indeed, life with a newborn is all about routines. A predictable schedule not only makes life easier for everyone, it gives bubba a sense of security, which helps them thrive.

Introducing a routine for your kewpie’s bedtime is no exception. Since your child will likely spend most of his time in la-la land in the early months in his life, a routine helps him anticipate bedtime and calms him down.

Your tot’s sleep routine consists of a fixed pattern of activities that you carry out in the same sequence before his bedtime. For instance, you can give your cherub a warm bath, dress him in his pyjamas, then read him a bedtime story before tucking him in.

Observing the same set of activities creates a sense of familiarity for your mini-me, who is less likely to fuss because he knows what to expect. Besides, the consistency of a ritual ensures that bedtime will no longer be a struggle for the both of you.

To ensure that he gets quality sleep, avoid stimulating play with him. Try these bedtime strategies when you spot sleep cues like rubbing his eyes, yawning or appearing restless and withdrawn when interacting with you…


1) Feed him A hangry baby isn’t going to get quality shuteye. Giving your mini-me a last feed before he nods off will make it easier for you to settle him, too.

2) Bathe him Clean your little one’s face and hands and change his diapers. If bathing your munchkin works better, try a warm and quiet bath rather than a noisy and overstimulating one with toys.

3) Put him in his favourite jammies After his bath, make sure bubba wears a suitable outfit that’ll keep him warm in an air-conditioned room.

4) Massage him Use a little baby oil to gently massage bubba’s arms with long, firm strokes to soothe and calm him.

5) Offer a bedtime story Reading before bedtime won’t just calm your cherub, it’ll nurture his love for reading and boost his language smarts!

6) Talk about the day Discuss the day’s highlights softly, such as an activity you both did together, during your before-bedtime chat with your mini-me.

7) Hum a lullaby Sing a favourite comforting lullaby or nursery rhyme to your mini-me as he drifts off slowly to la-la land.

8) Play soothing music Put together a playlist of classical tracks or other relaxing children’s favourites to play as you settle your mini-me. It’ll also help to drown out any household noise when bubba naps during the day.

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