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One mother actually spent the first seven months of her son’s life scouring the shelves in search of the perfect milk bottle for her baby.

Recalls Constance Tung, 35, mother to Dylan Lee, now 2, “He was fed with expressed breastmilk as he didn’t want to latch on. However, it was a nightmare trying to find a milk bottle and teat he was happy with — I tried many and mixed different brands of bottles and teats together!”

Advises lactation consultant Fonnie Lo, a senior parent craft services manager at Thomson Medical, “To prevent nipple confusion and rejection of breastfeeding, all mothers should breastfeed their baby exclusively for the first month before they introduce bottles.”

Then let your baby decide what bottle he likes, even if that means a few misses before you hit pay dirt.

Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Bottles

Price $7.90
From Pupsik Studio
What Teats are made of medical-grade silicone, features a patented internal vent system to reduce problems like colic.
Pros Ergonomically shaped, so easy for baby to hold.
Cons Too many parts to wash and assemble.
Joanne Teh says “The milk flow is smooth, while the design discourages baby from burping.”
Jia Jia says “Easy for baby to grip and light enough to stash in my diaper bag. However, spent too much time washing and assembling the bottle.”
M&B Says Value for money and power-packed with anti-colic features.

Munchkin Latch

Price $35.90 for a 3 pack
From Lazada
What The unusual accordion nipple eases baby’s transition from breast to bottle and vice versa. An anti-colic valve ensures no air bubbles travel through the breastmilk.
Pros Leak-proof with easy-to-read measurements and anti-colic features.
Cons Teat tends to invert, while the bottle is bulky.
Joanne Teh says “The anti-colic valve reduces the amount of air ingested by my baby during feeding, though it’s tricky to remove and wash.”
Joyce says “The teat is huge but flexible, due to the folds at the base. It’s also clumsy to hold.”
M&B says Chubby bottle that works great for babies with colic and problems latching on.

Mam Anti-Colic Bottle (best for reducing colic)

Price $14.90
From mambaby
What The vented base ensures an air-free milk flow. The patented slow-flow teat eases the switch between breast and bottle.
Pros “Self-sterilising” in the microwave for greater convenience.
Cons Extra parts to wash.
Joanne Lim says “My baby loves drinking from this bottle — the flow is just right for her and she does not burp much after a feed. It’s leak-proof, too!”
Joyce says “Quality material, but I did not like assembling this bottle. The self-sterilising feature is very useful though.”
M&B says Excellent bottle for colicky babies and a cinch to sanitise!

NUK Premium Choice Polypropylene Bottle

Price $18.90
From First Few Years
What Besides a super-soft teat, it boasts a new anti-colic system.
Pros No nipple confusion as it offers a great transition between breast and bottle and vice versa.
Cons Milk tends to get trapped in the teat.
Joanne Lim says “Teat tends to leak when bottle is not upright. There’s also milk left over after each feed.”
Joyce says “Easy to wash, assemble and fits my diaper bag easily. The milk flow is smooth and I can undo the bottle cap with one hand.”
M&B says A great bottle that does a good job.

Mixie Formula-Mixing Baby Bottle (best design)

Price $16.90
From Kulily
What Innovative bottle for formula-fed babies. The patented air-tight design separates the formula from the water until it’s time for baby to feed.
Pros Convenience for busy mums — prepare first, mix when needed.
Cons Pricey, and the bottle cap seems rather loose.
Joanne Lim says “While there are too many parts to wash and assemble for my liking, it’s really convenient for outings!”
Jia Jia says “Such a brilliant product — I don’t need to bring separate water and formula containers when going out!”
M&B says A nifty bottle to pack if your baby is on formula.

Medela Calma Breastmilk Bottle (best for breastfeeding mums)

Price $38.80
From Lazada
What Designed to ease the transition from breast to bottle and vice versa, the one-sized teat is just like a mother’s breast.
Pros Leak-proof and easy for baby to grip and self-feed.
Cons Pricey.
Joanne Teh says “The teat, which is like a mother’s nipple, even has bumps like those on our breasts! The teat is slightly stiff, so baby had to work hard for a decent flow.”
Jia Jia says “Light and easy to assemble. While the cap has more parts than a normal bottle, it’s easy to wash.”
M&B says A beautifully designed, high-performance bottle that offers baby a natural feeding experience.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

Price $21.90
From First Few Years
What Unique teat mimics the mother’s breast.
Pros Leak-proof and ergonomic shape is great for small hands.
Cons Its wide form is not compatible with the regular diaper bag milk bottle holders.
Joanne Teh says “My baby took well to the wide breast-like silicone teat, which is soft and flexible, while the flow is smooth.”
Jia Jia says “Chubby bottle with wide neck and fast-flow teat. However, my baby didn’t finish his feeds when he used this bottle.”
M&B says This bottle mimics breastfeeding and offers a neat transition from breast to bottle.

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

Price $32.90
From Redmart
What Squeezable silicone body has an anti-colic system, while the wide-neck design enables easy, brush-free cleaning. The soft silicone teat is ideal for breastfed babies.
Pros Leak-proof and mimics the breast.
Cons Takes longer to warm up because it's made of thick silicone.
Joanne Lim says “Such a great-looking bottle and a breeze to use — my baby finishes all her milk!”
Joyce says “We loved using the bottle, which is made with quality material. It’s also easy to wash and fill.”
M&B says An all-rounder — we like!