Make the most of the hols ― scoot over to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort and be the first to experience this ride!


Take a short road trip across the Causeway to Johor Bahru and you’ll find LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, a fun theme park that has everything you need for a short family getaway!

The award-winning resort has just unveiled a new high-octane virtual reality (VR) rollercoaster which launched last 22 November 2017! Here are reasons why you should not miss The Great LEGO Race…


1. You’ll be among the first in the world to try a brand-new LEGOLAND ride LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is the first of the three LEGOLAND resorts in the world to offer the VR rollercoaster. The Great LEGO Race VR Coaster ride puts your child in the driver’s seat in a heart-pumping race involving much-loved LEGO minifigures.

2. The fun starts even when you’re in the queue Once your kiddo approaches the entry “portal” to the ride, you’ll be greeted by the sounds of roaring car engines. The queue area is designed like a pre-race space where race crew members aka resort visitors prepare themselves for the competition. Your mini-me will be entertained by the hands-on elements in the interactive stations boasting different buttons and levers, among other features!


3. You’ll enjoy double the thrills! The Great LEGO Race combines cutting-edge VR technology with real-world roller-coaster thrills. You’ll still experience the familiar roller-coaster elements like a slow nail-biting ascend to the top followed by sudden drops, spins, twists and turns. Actual rollercoaster tracks are 18m above ground, but the VR headset will have you thinking you’re almost free-falling to the ground. So, put on your headsets and buckle in for the wild ride!

4. You’ll be transported into the world made entirely of LEGOs Now that you’re kitted out in the VR headset, you’re all set for an adrenaline-pumping race to the finish line. Look around you and you’ll realise this epic imaginary world is made entirely of LEGO bricks ― from the eager spectators in the stands to the sharp edges of the cliffs along the race course. It’s every LEGO kid’s dream come true!


5. You’ll get up close with your favourite LEGO characters You’ll be racing against personalities like Trendsetter, Pharoah, Surfer Girl, Wizard and even Pirate Captain. They’ll compete alongside you in their own quirky race carts such as a rocket-powered surfboard or a stylish scooter fuelled by espresso!

6. Even children as young as age 4 can hop on this roller coaster! Junior just needs to be above 110cm in height and accompanied by an adult. However, they will not be able to put on the VR headset. Your child needs to be above 120cm in height and 6 years old to use the headset.

This article was sponsored by LEGOLAND Malaysia.

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Photos: LEGOLAND Malaysia

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