Get creative, plus upcycle! You can easily put together a fun bowling game with empty milk tins.

Don’t fret if you’re running out of wet-weather activity ideas! Your mini-dynamo won’t just enjoy getting his hands messy making these “devilish” characters with you, this nifty bowling game should keep him entertained for hours. Here’s how to get started on this fun bonding experience for the entire family. …

You’ll need:

· 6 empty 900g milk tins

· Assorted pieces of felt

· Craft glue

· A pair of scissors

Step-by-step guide:

· Cut a piece of felt into a 16cm by 42cm size.

· For each milk tin, use glue or tape to stick the felt cloth to cover all the sides.

· Cut felt into small pieces, then use glue to decorate the milk tins with these small felt cut-outs to complete the look of each milk tin.

· Be creative with your creepy characters ― Dracula, a mummy or even Frankenstein. You are only limited by your imagination!

Video credits: Lim Jae-Lynn & Paulyn Ng

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