Get ways to pass on money smarts ― learning how to spend carefully, save and give ― to junior.

As a parent, you are probably great at teaching your tyke good manners and how to stay safe. But when it comes to money matters, many of us chicken out and hope the teachers at school will take care of it. Imparting money skills may be a bit challenging for parents, especially those who don’t feel that they are doing a good enough job of handling it. Yes, we’re talking to you, who has just completed her third online buy, all before lunch time!

Unlike the other parts of parenthood, such as getting your kid into a good primary school or how to get junior to eat his veggies, there’s usually little buzz among parents on teaching their little ones to be financially savvy.

Yet, experts agree that parents are the number one influence when it comes to their child’s financial behaviour. So, the sooner you start imparting financial wisdom, the better off your little ones will be. By doing so, you are also raising a generation of mindful investors, consumers and savers.

Not sure how to begin? Here are some simple activities to kick-start your little fella’s path to financial freedom.

Infographic: Lim Jae-Lynn

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