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5 ways to teach your kid resilience
5 ways to teach your kid resilience

1. Ensure your child grows up knowing they are loved and supported by their parents and family. No matter what they achieve or otherwise, they are infinitely loveable.

2. Help build their self-esteem. Self-esteem establishes self-worth, so no matter what, children have confidence in themselves and who they are.

3. No mountain is too high to climb. Encourage a “can do” attitude from the outset. This doesn’t mean they have to be the best at something, but they can be an expression of their best self at all times if they choose.

4. Encourage independence from the earliest age, with the understanding that you are always there to support them. Self-reliance will help your child to face challenges positively.

5. Make happiness your primary goal. The domino effect of a happy child is huge: Compassion and empathy for others; high self-esteem; a belief in their own abilities; and a positive outlook no matter the outcome.

Material courtesy of Julia Gabriel Centre, Singapore, CEO and principal, Fiona Walker.

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